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  1. Ih8life

    right when you get on the website there will be three lines that drop down a menu and one will be support
  2. Ih8life

    I believe you have to make a suport ticket
  3. Ih8life

    Okay thank you for clarifying
  4. Ih8life

    So I've noticed that my american virtus set doesnt give me a dr bonus is this meant to be or can we add the 5% I know torva does not sure about pernix though
  5. Ih8life

    So good for thought. A NPC revamp friendly to starters let's put the charizard raid to use. Revamping the npcs so they have flame torva ernix etc assault rifles just basic things that can cost minimal coins. Vote rewards RNG maybe enhanced or brush up the loyalty streak I've only been on here for 3 weeks or so and I noticed a lot of starter players dip out so quick. How can we as a community continue to grow? Why are the steps we can take to make the start more friendly because the first week shouldn't be grinding out soul split and getting a golden katana. Just using that as an example maybe revamp the tutorial a bit and throw a reward in there. Add a few items into the squeel wheel. Please leave feed back to this s i see the same people everyday. I try to help new players out but it seems I get 1 in 10 to pm me the next day.
  6. Ih8life

    Yea I'm not sure about this either maybe instead give the incantion 5 ddr as well if anything as it would raise Avery's more and make the store purchase more valuable other then that i wouldn't touch it
  7. You know this isn't a bad suggestion you wouldn't have to go super crazy just add some starter weapons in for like 100b etc just to get people started and interested because the start of the game is IMO the worst part
  8. Ih8life

    YESSSS!!! Is this possible please I play on fixed because of this one and only reason!!!
  9. Ih8life

    I will win can an skin lock this post asap lmao
  10. Ih8life

    I.e more time playing less time looking for the right sales maybe a good update for merchers to
  11. Ih8life

    @Vaider what hes saying is basically like putting in an order aspect to market so I could create my offer for an mg for 4q and then someone can see this and sell it to me as well as posting it in their post for sale.
  12. Ih8life

    Hmm I'm not sure I kinda like where hes going with this because ::wiki needs to be manually updated and not everything is in there currently. Mad respect to the editors because there is a lot. Either the community as a whole has to contribute to it via pictures of sets because I understand that they are using personal accounts and its hard to acquire these 100+q items especially ones that just dropped. So here's my take on this if we could get a command that pulls on in game current data this would be more effective then checking wiki which is manually updated unless however we could wiki to take from ingame data. I'm not sure if this is possible or not.
  13. I know this is an older topic but this isn't such a bad idea as it would be all unreadable and some of it is degradable. No input on it from staff though :(.
  14. Ih8life

    Should separate into two tiers one for regular and one for ironmen lol kong elmer twice in the top two haha
  15. Ih8life

    Hi I'm Ih8life and I wanna be the very best there ever was (ironman) y'all can find me helping everyone out gl with rng get to grinding gs