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  1. Ih8life

    All good ty m8 :3 Cheers
  2. Ih8life

    @splitrunnerI believe it to be a bug this is based on Drax's statement in the recent patches. As I stated if this isn't the right spot to move it but its not a suggestion. @BodhiThis is not a suggestion as I just said this is from patch notes and its is not acting the way it has been describe by the developer @DRAX. Please read the whole post guys don't skim and get what you want out of it.
  3. Ih8life

    Any updates =P
  4. Ih8life

    So I want to state that im not sure where I was supposed to put this I asked but this is what I found so if its not in the right spot can it be moved. The Blizzard Staff is not acting as it was stated to be. It is supposed to have the fastest aps .6 speed, but its more like every 3 seconds it attacks like a normal frostbite staff with 250 scroll dmg and buffed dmg. However according to drax > Copied and pastad from the update post, it seems to work off the animation though making it attack super slow. The Blizzard Staff has a series of OP effects to it that take this weapon to the next level! 0.6 Attack Speed (fastest possible) 1 in 8 chance to freeze NPC (so it cannot hit you) Scroll of Fire Effect (static 250 DMG per hit) 2 x hit per attack (same as BFG)
  5. Ih8life

    Props to you @Cjbear not many people keep their guides updated
  6. Ih8life

    I wish more people did this man if we could all get together and post our logs and the dr we had or luck in this case between the kills we could start to see the drop rate of all these bosses. It would take a lot of information but once we have it its easy to compile into a spreadsheet. This would be great for a lot of the beginners guides as it provides what you should expect per boss. Which gives you info on which way you should start out to accelerate your progression. Nonetheless good job rip on the double helm drop tho eccckksdee keep the grind up fam.
  7. Is anyone else having an issue when loading in and it freezes?
  8. I think this is a hugs bonus to ironman imo thats staff sounds juicy for irons
  9. Help im addicted and cant sleep at night this is worse then my party phase games like cocaine how i missed it.
  10. Ih8life

    Olaf's 1 in 20k can confirm
  11. Are the slayer rewards for duo slayers as well @DRAXseeing as how the duo slayer was changed now and provides with realistic tasks
  12. Ih8life

    Love the whole post i agree with this whole heartedly and maybe add more bank space if possible as an iron i run out of room so quick
  13. Ih8life

    Not sure what would be a good number thats something more on the Devs side of knowledge.
  14. Ih8life

    So i know Ironman have the best boost for drop rate but there is no real way in game to gain luck. How would the community feel about adding a small % chance to ironman for luck ive went through 1400 keys and got 1 drop so far its kinda lame. It wont effect the eco as if we do uniron it would be a small chance so it wouldnt increase our possibilities greatly it would just give us a small advantage as it is very hard to get to bis items as is.
  15. Ih8life

    Damn eagles man or regular?

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