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  1. K 0 X D

    Thank you everyone for participating in the event I hosted!! It had a better of a turn out that I thought, everyone did an amazing job and I honestly laughed at every single one. You're all a winner in my eyes but after @darklordrr and I went through them we picked 3 winners! Congratulations to the following. @LordArchon First Place Second Place @karim8 @ikkain Third Place PM me in-game for prizes! @K 0 X D
  2. K 0 X D

    I Made It In Twice, Nicely done Inject
  3. K 0 X D

    No Vouch. You replied to your own application, and that's breaking the rules in the requirement section. Even though you are active in dicezone, i feel like you should wait a month and try to reapply when you can meet all the requirements. Goodluck man
  4. K 0 X D

    +1 mid/lower tier really need a boost and this is a really cool concept and it will add to the barrows minigame which will bring more content to things like that 😄
  5. K 0 X D

    Introducing Dreamscape Memes This is a contest where you can make your own original memes which is related to Dreamscape!! Rules to be followed! 1. Nothing offence towards game or players/staff. 2. Can not take other content from other memes. 3. If you don't follow these rules you will be automatically disqualified without the chance to re-enter. Good luck to everyone! Prizes To Be Won 1st Place Frostbite Staff 5-6Q 2nd Place Minigun 3q 3rd Place Collectors Necklace 500T-700T Winners will be announced 11/16/2018 @darklordrr
  6. K 0 X D

    this could be used in an instance like way tbh and only being able to get in would be to use the scroll kinda like how the invictus warrior zone is. this way the ones who spent money dont get screwed over for having the item.
  7. K 0 X D

    +1 for me, AoE has always been at the bottom of the meta and I think it needs to be equaled out with mage/range.
  8. K 0 X D

    I do like the idea of starters being able to get more mid tiers items, this way a lot more players who arent really good at rsps will stay and have more of a chance to stay longer on this server
  9. K 0 X D

    I've been suggesting this for awhile without actually saying anything so i 100% approve of this, theres nothing worth while for completing achievements/doing trivia +1 for me...
  10. K 0 X D

    I agree with this because people with healing pets can use protect melee and just heal off of revs, and since the op whips were banned it just allows people in wildy just to fully heal without dying.. Theyre basically immortal which really takes out the point of wildy, and really effects the sale costs of the Pvp Protection Package. +1 to this just make sure its more well formatted next time
  11. K 0 X D

    What is the content called Revenant DemonHow does it work? Combining both Revenant petsWhat rewards does it give? 15% Drop Rate and 15% double drop .. plus more?How will it benefit server/players? Iron man will have a better chance with getting a good pet without having to open pet boxesHow could it be expanded in the future? Possibly more petsWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) There would be no effect on eco because the pets are untradable already maybe other pets drop in value
  12. K 0 X D

    thanks for the amazing event dylan
  13. K 0 X D

    yo i usually dont like photographer but i really like these