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  1. I am joining
  2. K 0 X D

    Simple ones are always the ones that succeed! goodluck on your test and you are someone in dreamscape smh
  3. K 0 X D

    Hey everyone, I'm here interested to know everyone's New Years Resolutions or wishes of what you want to come within your own personal life, dreamscape life and everything around that. To get everyone started my New Years Resolution would be to stop eating out all the time, especially when I'm on my school campus since I have noticeably gained weight. I also want to stop drinking coffee because coffee doesn't like my body the way I like it. This is just for fun and would be cool to see what everyone has planned for the New Year. I hope everyone has a great New Year, and hope this one to come will be better than the last.
  4. K 0 X D

    bruuuuuuh sooo lucky... you beat my 27 kill count
  5. K 0 X D

    With more and more people becoming sponsor every day I think that sponsors should receive some goodies for their dedication to the server. The ownercape zone is filled with NPC's that can't be killed while wearing the cape with the only beneficial one being olafs. Since new NPC's are coming out they should be implemented into the zone so they have more variety instead of being forced to kill Olaf's
  6. Pretty cool guide ? would like to see more if you ever choose to do more
  7. K 0 X D

    Good idea, I would like to see how they do this... Even if it's not possible its a great idea and would love to see it in game
  8. K 0 X D

    Hey man! Welcome back if u need anything lemme know Im Jason in game
  9. K 0 X D

    Goodluck guys!! thanks for all of the donations!
  10. IGN: K 0 x D This is my Christmas outfit, it's inspired by snow because its white, and I'm the southpole santa since im fake.
  11. K 0 X D

    My suggestion is a little different, being that I think that when you enter the flower poker zone; that you won't be able to bring pets into the zone. Or maybe even allow TDs to pick up these pets since they get in the way, they're not really a big deal but would nice not to click on pets or have pets blocking the colour of the flowers.
  12. Congratulations on Helper bro, if ya need anything let me know.

    1. K 0 X D

      K 0 X D

      thanks man means a lot! and ofc:D

    2. Anti


      Oh yeah anytime man.?

  13. K 0 X D

    Main Text: K 0 X DSub text: Wiki EditorFont(s): IdkSize: Medium?Render: normalBackground: moon of the left <---Style: nice styleOther information
  14. K 0 X D

    Hello, my suggestion is to be able to combine all 3 Infernal Capes you get from Extreme Arcade(Infernal Mage, Range, and melee) this will make it more convenient for those who have the capes right now. I also suggest being able to combine all 3 capes you get from Slayer to make into the Inferno Cape. The select few who grind slayer all the time should be rewarded and most of the people who do slayer are Ironman. This is a better opportunity for them to be able to get that Inferno Cape.