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  1. it takes 11 muscles to yawn 17 muscles to smile and 43 to frown

    1. Willy


      Maybe if I could stop busting at dicezone my face wouldn't be so sore.

  2. stay tuned for a better discord experience/support formats

    1. lewis99300


      i'll be looking forward for it


  3. Jason

  4. Jason

    Welcome back man! Don't be shy to ask for help in our discord and help cc and message any staff that is on!
  5. daily walks make the day better

  6. Jason

    I am super poor but I am trying to get my monies up
  7. Jason

    MEGA VOUCH from this boy, I've wanted real, effective, and useful item sinks for the longest time and could never think of a good way to say it. And you took the words out my mouth! amazing man
  8. Hope everyone has a great week :)

  9. Jason

    I think this could work if we put in new magic items, with the TOB being buffed maybe that will be a start to a good direction.
  10. Jason

    I would like this too, especially for bosses like scopia and such. Great idea jessica
  11. Amazing update!! Thanks to the devs and everyone who worked so hard on it! you're all what makes the DSGANG great
  12. Jason

    Thanks for the feedback man!! Always send suggestions on the forums if you have any!
  13. Jason

    goodluck to everyone!! #DSGANG
  14. Dont drink and play games! had to get a brand new keyboard after buying a brand new one :)

    1. The dibber

      The dibber

      Buddy I manage it drinking pepsi. Gone through 4 $250 keyboards in under 2years now haha 

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