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    BUG EVENT! Tired of seeing bugs in the game? Little improvements and quality of life issues? Well here is your chance to have your issues brought to light! This event will be to for you to tell us 5 bugs, 2 quality of life and 1 improvement that we can fix to make your experience on Dreamscape better. No matter the size of the issue we are here to fix it! Dreamscape is growing day by day, and bugs can easily be missed during our beta testing and, not being everyday players we miss the issues players would see with content and quality of life. This event will give you the chance to tell us what bugs we need to fix and improvements we can work on. Quality of Life issues can be anything you believe that would make your Dreamscape experience a lot easier and less stressful. Rules of the Event: 1. Don't be disrespectful towards Staff/Server. 2. Copying other people's ideas won't earn you rewards. 3. Follow the format listed below. 4. Please don't go over 5 bugs so other players can have a chance (3 minimum) 5. Winners will be based on following the rules, and how much thought put into your post. *Any violation made to the rules revokes your entry* Rewards! 1. Infinity Gauntlets Charged 2. BFG9000 3. Hades Cleaver Entry Prize - 5M DScoins and 2 Event Boxes Format: Bugs 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Quality of Life 1. 2. Improvement (300 words max) 1. Event Ends 11/18/2019
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    ❤️ love you
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    Welcome kait
  5. Jason

    We did okay
  6. Going to forever miss you<3

    1. Bodhi


      I will miss you too! I’ll make sure I’ll visit sometime baby❤️

    2. Killer One

      Killer One



      hope to see you soon my friend!! you will be missed my friend :'(


      if you jump in we do 8k brutals pot 😛 


      cheers buddy K3

  7. Jason

    WOW @Dreamz40u can finally get that aura! OP LOOT BAG
  8. K 0 x d est hope to see a lot of people there
  9. K 0 x d timezone the best time zone
  10. great update great fixes to bugs great server great forum post
  11. Jason

    Amazing job on fixing bugs
  12. Jason

    you can donate