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  1. Jason

    ❤️ love you
  2. Jason

    Welcome kait
  3. Jason

    We did okay
  4. Going to forever miss you<3

    1. Bodhi


      I will miss you too! I’ll make sure I’ll visit sometime baby❤️

    2. Killer One

      Killer One



      hope to see you soon my friend!! you will be missed my friend :'(


      if you jump in we do 8k brutals pot 😛 


      cheers buddy K3

  5. Jason

    WOW @Dreamz40u can finally get that aura! OP LOOT BAG
  6. K 0 x d est hope to see a lot of people there
  7. K 0 x d timezone the best time zone
  8. great update great fixes to bugs great server great forum post
  9. Jason

    Amazing job on fixing bugs
  10. Jason

    you can donate
  11. Jason

    K 0 x d est
  12. Jason

    Hey man! Welcome to dreamscape, pm me in game if you need anything also on discord(: