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  1. Hey! If Coldott is making your Dreamscape experience worsen please contact me on discord.
  2. Very interesting idea, will be brought up in next staff meeting to see what everyone else thinks!
  3. Haha, more to come Mr.Paulinso! I'm glad I still see your name around
  4. Canada Thanks Giving Weekend 😄 

  5. Nice guide! Keep up the work!! Maybe apply to the wiki team!
  6. Your set back, is just your set up. #DSGANG

  7. Amazing update, and cant wait for the next one!! 😄
  8. I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!

  9. Nice to meet you man! If you ever need anything PM me in game!
  10. Glad you're enjoying the server man! Let me know if you ever need anything in game!!! Will always be here to help
  11. Happy birthday Chuck!! 

  12. The friendships I have made on this game, and the ones to come. There's always new stuff and being apart of the staff has just made it better for me!
  13. Glad the weekend is finally done and now we can get back to work 😎

  14. Glad to see everyone still enjoying the events! and they will get better very soon ;)

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