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  1. Jason

    Hello man!! Welcome to the #DSGANG! Pm me in game or on discord if you need any help!
  2. Jason

    I've been playing since august 28th 2018! glad to see so many people still playing
  3. Jason

    Very good idea! we do have ranged/magic only bosses so it makes sense to do this also!
  4. Last 10 days of school has me stressed out

    1. Jladams


      10 days left. You got this 


  5. Pet is cool! glad i got to give it to so many plats today
  6. I love wings so much, ive started making them everyday

    1. Javier


      I could eat wings everyday and never get tired of em

  7. Jason

    Welcome back king!!! Missed you a lot! glad i could get your account back
  8. Jason

    Welcome back man!! PM in game or on discord if you need anything
  9. LOVE all the new customs that are in dreamscape! amazing update keep it up!!
  10. Jason

    Ayyyy ive been missing this!! thanks for bringing it back
  11. Hope everyone is enjoying their time with their family during this quarantine. 

  12. Jason

    I like how original this is. Would like to hear more from the community and will bring this up in our staff meeting
  13. Jason

    Ayy thank you on the feed back man!! Im glad youre liking the new design ❤️
  14. Jason

    BOOOOODHI another amazing forum post ❤️
  15. Lockdown has me thinking about her </3:(

    1. Jladams


      Just think about me instead ❤️

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