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  1. off to the beach for the next week or so, don't go missing me

  2. LordDemiurge

    welcome back brother, theres loads of new stuff to keep you busy this time
  3. LordDemiurge

    looks amazing xD wish I had a fraction of your talent :3
  4. LordDemiurge

    username: Demiurge rank: super donator Proof: https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNs5bOEtX53KF0-KHBs8hsjh18l0pZN_bZWw_N7
  5. wow does time fly when your playing dreamscape! been on all day and didn't even realize it!

    1. Kadaknath


      No lifer - Rabid dog.

  6. LordDemiurge

    Event Name: Stand-up Comedy/Roast Night Description of Event: Stand-up comedy Night: Similar to karaoke night but with jokes, players will tell there best jokes, or one liners and staff will be the judges. Roast Night: 1 staff member or player will be selected, some info on said person will be told by said person so we can roast them on their looks, personality, etc, the rest of the crowd will be the judges. How many players needed: at least 5 Any Restrictions: Players must be at least 18+ or adult enough to take a joke or two.
  7. LordDemiurge

    dude version 1 is super sick! definitely 10/10 version 2 is just as awesome but not as colorful 8/10 ❤️
  8. LordDemiurge

    dude that's really nice not a huge fan of call of duty or any shooter game for that matter but that's really nicely done 8/10 :3
  9. LordDemiurge

    Welcome brother! pretty sure ive seen you around >:D love to hear some of your music
  10. LordDemiurge

    heres a little something I made just for you
  11. LordDemiurge


    Hiiii I know ive seen you around. Hope you see me around as well
  12. LordDemiurge

    Hello everybody, just making a introduction thread. A little about me, I love helping people, even though I just started a few days ago, ive already helped many people, and a lot of people have helped me. Im super into anime and cartoons (bonus points if you can guess which anime my name is from) But yeah this server seems like a very interesting one and I might stick around for a while :3 Glad to meet you all :3