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  1. LordDemiurge

    chicken butt did I get it right? welcome back broother
  2. LordDemiurge

    whos who? idk who im wishing happy birthday to, the woman or the man ? help me please lol jk happy birthday xD
  3. LordDemiurge

    damn, those are some serious prizes ?
  4. LordDemiurge

    So ya, you gotta have a spatula to be part of the SpatulaSplatoon, post a pic of you and your spatula and be welcomed brother
  5. LordDemiurge

    good luck everybody!! ?
  6. off to the beach for the next week or so, don't go missing me

  7. LordDemiurge

    welcome back brother, theres loads of new stuff to keep you busy this time
  8. LordDemiurge

    looks amazing xD wish I had a fraction of your talent :3
  9. wow does time fly when your playing dreamscape! been on all day and didn't even realize it!

    1. Kadaknath


      No lifer - Rabid dog.

  10. LordDemiurge

    dude version 1 is super sick! definitely 10/10 version 2 is just as awesome but not as colorful 8/10 ❤️
  11. LordDemiurge

    dude that's really nice not a huge fan of call of duty or any shooter game for that matter but that's really nicely done 8/10 :3
  12. LordDemiurge

    Welcome brother! pretty sure ive seen you around >:D love to hear some of your music
  13. LordDemiurge

    heres a little something I made just for you
  14. LordDemiurge


    Hiiii I know ive seen you around. Hope you see me around as well

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