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  1. Very nice! I dono why i laughed when i read "THE THUMPER"
  2. Woodsman223

    title says it all, i believe this would help when people are opening alot
  3. Woodsman223

    Thank you for the guide 😁 Arcade and raids are useful after you have done everything in this guide
  4. Woodsman223

    Tbh i only heard of trippie redd, you must like trap music lol
  5. Woodsman223

    Oh man! Your title suits u gooooood haha
  6. Woodsman223

    Id stop worshiping the devil n follow Jesus
  7. Woodsman223

    Haha right on, this is one of the nicest communitys ive been on
  8. Woodsman223

    if they do, they should add it to the ironman instance manager to. That would be great!
  9. Woodsman223

    Yeah, i dont think corp should be a task, since it takes like 10 mins to kill 1 and if you get 50 gg
  10. Woodsman223

    hopfully you get it before 10k kc ?
  11. Woodsman223

    Congratz! Hope you are happy ?
  12. Woodsman223

    Sweet cant wait to see the results, ill be impressed if someone gets a soulflare or somthing like that
  13. Woodsman223

    Support, this would be good for ironman especially if they add lamps
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