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  1. Grimson

    very nice page, loved reading it
  2. What's the current issue? The issue is that the scroll of protection being used at revenants is becoming no much of a power play for players who spend the $$$ cash to becoming effectively "god" at revs. This has increased the player abuse at revenants greatly as they are playing "god" in a PK Area. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Ban the scroll being used at revenants or make a revenant zone which is not a pk area. How will this benefit player/server? This benefits the server to those who want to pk in revenants, it's labeled as "PK Area" so having the scroll already defeats the purpose of the whole "PK" ideal. People will be more prompt to pk'ing as you don't lose any items to begin with an also the fact that it's a pk area with the mobs dropping pk points (emblems) in addition. How could this be expanded in future? The expanded version of this would be to make the revenant zone bigger with more areas to pk and also have the chance to farm those revenants. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) The negative effect of this would be those people who come to these zones thinking they can pk, instead they don't know what to do and get pk'd easily (hence the reason why they already have the Scroll of Protection), but the other negative effect with this scroll staying in place would be people would camp revenants with the scroll with no chance of being pk'd and more of a reason for them to be playing "god" with other players, with the increased chance of player abuse (as experienced this at revenants a lot when someone has the scroll they think they are entitled to any spot they want and to which it leads to further player abuse from both sides receiving it).
  3. Grimson

    I agree with the revamp of melee weapons, all melee scythe's should aoe as they are scythes but no swords as it doesnt make sense to aoe with them, but bringing new melee offhands and maybe a new melee wep to go with it too, also improve the accuracy (only slightly improved) with melee weapons as they do lack it compared to range and mage.
  4. Grimson

    I love this idea it's really good for the community's curiosity, great work!!
  5. Grimson

    I agree with the box and key exchange and the use of soul room, also maybe add in new world boss's and maybe add some new items into the box's specific from the world boss and mega world boss, maybe add in 1 "dream" rarity item for each mega/world boss to give some chance in getting a really rare item.
  6. Grimson

    I was thinking for raid boss's just to make it a little bit easier to get rare/ultra rare drops to add in "Raid Boss Keys". These will give all players more of a chance to get some ultra rare loot that we keep on missing out on. Also maybe thinking on the lines of mini raid boss's for the new-medium players just to give them more excitement before going into the normal raids with better loot. Lmk what you think guys.
  7. Grimson

    no vouch
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    Smiley Face
  9. Grimson

    Great way to show off the items you can use for pvm along with stats/bonus's and where you can get them. Keep adding more
  10. Grimson

    User: Grimson Ranks In-Game: Sponsor and Trusted Dice Proof: (screenshot)
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    i agree with the whole idea
  12. Grimson

    GL all 3, your all good people
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    Happy Birthday dude, have a good day!!