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  1. Maybe they could add a 1:50 chance to get 2 points of a raid
  2. 1: Automatic Battlegrounds system: The server announces every 5/6 hours a Battlegrounds event with winning rewards (Box rewards or 50m max items) This makes the Battlegrounds event playable everyday and makes people more active on the server. 2: Buff Hell arcade cape: The cape is very hard to get 100x harder then extreme but ruffly same stats, especially for people that don't donate to the server. 3: A party minigame: A minigame where you need to do some games to win the event. (game 1: Step on the color, people need to step on the color that is given by a npc, game 2:
  3. Username: cornecorne2 Rank in-game: Sponsor https://gyazo.com/0d959fc4e689599094cf195de53c02e4
  4. Ive voted for Gya and LT limes. You guys need to figure out by yourself which place I put you in 😛
  5. This is defenitely true! Me as a PVMer finds it better If we could actually get the black diamond box and Avery incantation as a lower drop rate. Because TOB takes alot of input to finish and 1:1000 for just a black diamond box isn't worth it. Maybe something that hasn't anything to do with drop rates. Maybe add single chests on TOB and purple glow when rare item. So people see their chests glowing when there is a rare in it. (Same as in oldschool runescape)
  6. started in 2015, took a loonnnngggg break and now im back
  7. Goodluck everyone on the giveaway! May the Lucky one wins

  8. until

    goodluck everyone!!
  9. until

    good luck everyone!
  10. until

    goodluck everyone!!! may the Lucky ones win
  11. Hello matess, Its me cornecorne2 who is dutch on this server? Reply under here!
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