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    Event Name: Iron Race Description of Event: All players in the event start new ironman account at the same time. First one to reach A. X amount of kills on certain boss B. Some skilling level targets or C. Some item drop that has been decided to be the goal wins. How many players needed: 2-XXX While it can work with 2 players in 1v1 style, it'll be more chaotic and fun if there are much more ironmans running around. Any Restrictions: Donating, voting, getting help from main account with that ironman shouldn't be allowed.
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    How could you even roast someone that is proud about being Forum Moderator?
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    Customisable chat box would be really nice. I wish that you would be able to change text color and switch between solid and see through background. Personally i have slight color blindness, and if i don't use fixed i can't see any cc text, world boss information and almost everything is hard to read if the background isn't solid color. I think it wouldn't only help us with colorblindness, but everyone who would like to give their client a bit of personal touch.