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  1. until

    Lets get er goin!
  2. Acidfreak2

    As an ex Ironman, I support this post. was a struggle to get them but was worth it. now that they have been removed from the slayer shop, only way is through ironman instances and boxes.
  3. Acidfreak2

    Acidfreak4 you know my timezone so no need to say it
  4. Acidfreak2

    Least ya got the noobs of all noobs right for b0wers ?
  5. Acidfreak2

    Yeah, def a great QoL suggestion, +1
  6. Acidfreak2

    Congrats to everyone ?
  7. Acidfreak2

    Def one hell of a way to celebrate 100th update ??
  8. Acidfreak2

    Oof, my 891 Orb drop got placed in the best drop part. brb while I cry myself to sleep ????
  9. Acidfreak2

    Ty, Congrats to the rest as well ?

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