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  1. Good luck to all those juicy Executive+ in this event! Another reason to push yourself to get Exec+! Mightnares.
  2. Mightnarez

    it's a No Support for now, I understand it would be nice for players who don't have the time to be #1 on their desired leaderboard to be able to compete, but isn't that what a competition is about. It's about dedicating your time, I'd like to see a lot of changes for the next season so that players who can't play 12hours a day can compete. (Suggestions to come.) Splitting the Prizes would be smarter but then it may push the players who do play A LOT of hours and Donate/Buy a lot of donations away from competitive mode as the rewards wouldn't seem as appealing. Mightnares.
  3. Mightnarez

    Some nice work in here @Got Boost, Keep up the good work. If you need any pointers feel free to message me. Mightnares.
  4. This is going to be great, Count me in! Mightnares
  5. Mightnarez

    Posted my thoughts on the Comp events. I look forward to seeing what changes are made, this season and next! Good luck to everyone.