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  1. rhys/chris

  2. rhys/chris

    yeah, drop rates are stupid on alot of stuff
  3. rhys/chris

    https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/profile/4084-fudgeballs/ had veteran on account i lost email and pass to, can see that it is me as i use the accs that were staff/applying for staff on that acc
  4. eghhh, just want unmute :c wish admins checked forums occasionaly

  5. rhys/chris

    I'll try, already Mac and UK muted though XD
  6. rhys/chris

    seems pretty cool, time to camp mini bosses
  7. rhys/chris

    Idek if any of y'all remember me, but hiiii I'm back XD
  8. rhys/chris

    Ma brotha!!!! Glad to see ya back. Love you long time bro