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  1. laggzalot

    Event Name: PvM KC Description of Event: Players must be First, Second, or Third in order to win a prize, getting a kill count of spawned in low leveled enemies (could be custom or like imps that have that teleport function) player must be the first to reach a KC of example 100, 200, ect… How many players needed: as many as we can. Any Restrictions: Cant use any armor or weapons. (Gives all players equal chance of winning.
  2. laggzalot

    Totally agree the noobies need a way to make money from the start even if it means grinding it out, given pvm drops aren't really a good way to make money and arcade is just jeez xD
  3. Yeah did I miss the goodie bag I mean I did comment a while back but haven't been contacted about it
  4. laggzalot

    I like the idea as well xD
  5. laggzalot

    @YCGamez , @Vaider Let's be honest here the rank forum admin is kinda like the benchwarmers for the big leagues, take it easy boys ;D
  6. laggzalot

    Ill be there IGN: PvM Chris