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  1. I highly agree with that as well, but that could also be a whole other suggestion if it hasn't been suggested.
  2. I totally agree with you on that point.
  3. I don't mind skill botting unless it ruins the chances and experience of other players. For example, if you were to bot thieving, there really isn't a negative effect on the players around you. Woodcutting, on the other hand, greatly affects others.
  4. Something that has always bothered me was the inability to farm eagle's nests due to the large quantities of bots running around at Lava/Dream tree location. It makes WCing unbearable for those who do not have access to woodcutting bots such as my self. They do not stop, they run 24/7 and it's insane. My suggestion is creating another location which has both Lava/Dream trees, the only difference being that this location would prohibit the use of bots. Perhaps add a tiny drop boost to this area as players will have to actually grind rather than bot.
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    I'm down. IGN: Hc magiicx
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    Yep, vouch for this as well.