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    I win
  4. Jordan RSPS

    I'm going to delete this and win. GG
  5. Jordan RSPS

    I am 6'1, my favourite meal has definitely got to be pizza, YOU NEVER CARRY ME ON FORTNITE I AM THE BEST!! Oh, and that's a tough one.. But I think I have to go with Jardon. An old YouTuber on Dreamscape inspired me to start making YouTube videos for Runescape Private Servers, he gave me a bunch of tips and I started following them and now here I am.. Future goals? Hmm, 10k subscribers is definitely up there! I think that's one of my biggest YouTube goals as of now. My favourite thing is hands down recording the video is it's so fun making content and recording your reactions to certain things such as gambling and openings; etc. My least favourite part has to be making thumbnails, I hate making thumbnails, I suck at them - and it's so hard coming up with new designs every single video. IT'S TORTURE!! That's like asking who's your favourite child! That's impossible to answer :( My top 5 has to be: Bella, Y0da Is here, Chilladin, Stuart & Michigan. My top 5 worst staff members has to be: Drax, Drax, Drax, Drax & Drax. (JK ILY Drax)
  6. Jordan RSPS

    Good question! The first video I EVER made was back in like 2010 in which I made a little GTA IV montage of me and my friends just messing shit up in free mode, the first ever RSPS video I made was funny enough on Dreamscape I believe in around 2014, videos were terrible quality though so of course they were deleted; kinda wish I privated them though so I could look back at them and see how much my videos have changed. Fun Fact: I was one of the first YouTubers on this server! Hehe ;D
  7. Jordan RSPS

    Jumping on the bandwagon boys Feel free to ask me any questions related to me, my YouTube channel or anything else!
  8. Jordan RSPS

    Damn! 2 months in a row for VOTM ! Thanks! :D
  9. Jordan RSPS

    I'll win my own thread ezpz
  10. Hey DREAMERS For 3K subscribers I am doing a MASSIVE Golden Minigun Goodiebag for everyone who tunes into the stream that I will be starting at 18:00 BST (6PM). The goodiebag will then start 30 minutes after the livestream starts, in which I will be doing a massive giveaway for everyone to enter. Stream link - https://gaming.youtube.com/c/JordanRSPS/live Make sure to tune in guys! This is going to be really fun & massive! Most importantly thanks for 3k subscribers, means a lot <3
  11. Jordan RSPS

    Forum Username: Jordan Proz Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: Idk I joined in 2014, so a lot! Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation: https://gyazo.com/65ef80efacc93146c47a9638de98ec73
  12. Jordan RSPS

    Pizza, pizza & pizza.
  13. Jordan RSPS

    I think the creator of the thread is actually going to win, so I suggest everyone else gives up!
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