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  1. 7s6s

    Hello, i would just like to give some feedback based on some things I’ve noticed. For 1 I find the slayer XP drops aren’t quite accurate and should be fixed depending on the mob you’re slaying. When I was slaying( hc mode ) Corp I was getting over 600k XP for every KC. KBD was only 80 XP drops and raids were about 100k XP depending on which one you were doing. I believe the XP should be buffed for certain of them. Also while Pvming, I’ve noticed that the Dream armour don’t even give the correct DDR or DR. Please get this done as well as the sets should be exactly what the wiki says. Thanks.
  2. 7s6s

    I like this idea just because I find it quite annoying to switch capes every time I get a different slayer task and forget to switch and it spams me a message saying you cannot use this item here. It’s a +1 from me , I support this. It would make people less hesitant on donating for one as the description of the capes makes you hesitant on wether it’s only for certain mobs or in this case wearable for any type of activity considering much money or luck ( goodie bags) has been spent to obtain these items.
  3. 7s6s

    Hello everyone on DS. I would just like to say that I am once again very sorry for the events that happened on march 6. I was banned for advertising and I am back once again full time. Apologies @Drax for being there at that time as well as anyone who I offended with my language as well. I hope to talk to some of you soon. sincerely, 6s7s xox

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