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  1. "Live life to the fullest and focus on the positive" - Matt Cameron

  2. best mm ever

    It was very nice meeting you suomi, I hope you enjoy your time in the army and I also hope to see you online every now and then Thanks for serving soldier 😄
  3. best mm ever

    The idea is not so bad actually but.. as dark said im also not 100% about it
  4. best mm ever

    Gl peeps! 😄
  5. best mm ever

    Username: best ds ever Rank In-game: Extreme donator Proof (screenshot) :
  6. best mm ever

    Congratz man, well deserved
  7. best mm ever

    I win
  8. best mm ever

    Having this kind of pets in server I think it'd help server to grow even more because of its uniqueness, support! About benefits they should have.. maybe around 5-10% luck or regain pray/hp?