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  1. Best Ds Ever

    NO VOUCH from me also, commenting on your application is a no no for me also as previous comments said you've literally put no effort into this application.. answering the two most important question for me with few words it's a big no. Things to work on: 1. Spend some time when writting an application.. put some colors to it, answer questions better 2. Never reply on your own application 3. Spend some time in dicezone mm-ing.. as I havent seen you in there for ages
  2. Best Ds Ever

  3. Best Ds Ever

    Knock knock. Who’s there? Voodoo. Voodoo who? Voodoo you think you are, asking me so many questions?
  4. Best Ds Ever

    Gratz bro! Well done.
  5. Best Ds Ever

    Who is cylorv?
  6. Best Ds Ever

    Damn nothing from this one? I call it a FAKE. Gratz everyone
  7. Best Ds Ever

    Gratz kai! well deserved!
  8. Best Ds Ever

  9. Best Ds Ever

  10. Best Ds Ever

    Deffinitely agree with the suggestion, +1 for me
  11. Best Ds Ever

    Welcome back buddy, it's great to have youtubers around on dreamscape. There's a lot of updates that you should check and maybe make some youtube videos, I'd be more than happy to watch them If you need any help with the updates or anything let me know or simply ask in "help" clanchat! Catch you around on dreamscape!
  12. Best Ds Ever

    I really hope people will read the guide, I love it. Great work buddy!
  13. Best Ds Ever

    Thats the spirit swagaton!
  14. Best Ds Ever