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  1. Best Ds Ever

  2. Quote of the day: " The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up." - Paul Valery

  3. Best Ds Ever

    Welcome back, looking forward to meet you ingame :)
  4. Best Ds Ever

    Welcome back buddy, I've already seen you around grinding. If you want help or anything let me know :)
  5. Best Ds Ever

    Awesome suggestion buddy, really well done :P looking forward for new quests, gear etc. +111 for me! :)
  6. Best Ds Ever

    NO VOUCH 1. To be honest I've literally seen you in dicezone only a few times, you're almost in my timezone so you can't say it's not true. 2. I can remember some of the screenshots were taken like 1-2 months ago because It was like 1st or 2nd week of me being a TD since then I havent seen you in dicezone. 3. Also screenshots, you don't have much of them also most of them being from same sessions.
  7. Best Ds Ever

    I must agree with slicin on that one, you dont meet the requirements buddy, but to be honest I do see you in dicezone quite often and you also trying to mm as much as possible, you also seem very friendly and trust worthy to me. I'm going to say I'm NEUTRAL on this one.. try working on the following things: 1. As requirements says - you need 25 forum posts 2. I'd like to see a few more screenshots of you mming 3. Just for your information - posting on your own application can cost you a rank If I see you're following all these I'll gladly say I VOUCH.
  8. Best Ds Ever

    Congratz everyone! Thanks for all the votes also :P
  9. Best Ds Ever

  10. Best Ds Ever

    I support the suggestion, it would get crafting to the whole new lvl tbh, you could make bows, arrows in the same color tho, maybe even some new range equipment.. got the potential tho!
  11. Best Ds Ever

    I've seen you being active at ::dicezone, also you bought rank and you're trying your best to take some MM's up to 10q. You're also friendly and helpful. But.. 1. Try to be a little bit more active as you are at dicezone 2. You probably applied for a TD without reading requirements: 2.1. You do not fit 10 hours ingame time 2.2. You havent add any screenshots of you MM-ing yet 2.3. You don't have 25 forum posts 3. Be more active on forums and discord 4. Take more time when writting an application.. I mean if you say at: "Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host?" that you're a youtuber and you could make some videos, that doesnt mean anything. For now I'll say NO VOUCH but if you will work on these things more I'll change my opinion.
  12. Best Ds Ever

  13. Best Ds Ever

  14. Best Ds Ever

  15. Best Ds Ever

    Good luck to all 😄