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  1. Female NHER

    @Squishy Although that is quite laughable, no that's actually not what I was suggesting, as it's currently using the pronoun "Him" here - I'm simply saying it should use the pronoun "Her" if the player selects a female character during the tutorial. I'm fine with these things not being priority, all I'm asking for is that they be put on the to do list, sorry if this caused a little bit of tension. Female NHER
  2. Female NHER

    @Squishy Just because you wouldn't classify correcting a graphical error as a beneficial fix to the server doesn't mean other people think the same way. Appreciate your responding though.
  3. Female NHER

    I lost my love for custom servers overtime as they can be a headache to look at sometimes when objects/npcs are coded lazily. I would like to suggest (because I'm actually appauled that someone would take the time to code this many custom items and lack the decency to include proportionate models for the female character) updating the female models for all these fine customs. Here are some examples: (Coenterreur on the left as a female character) Along with these changes would be nice if you could find the code depicting whether or not a character is male/female and interpret that data into your welcome message: Thanks for your time, Female NHER