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  1. Kadaknath

    O reary?
  2. Kadaknath

    Keep on getting em', so their prices drop. Good work, overall!
  3. Kadaknath

    I came across one of your posts, wherein you had suggested revamping the rewards along the lines of poll rewards, a la drop rate, and double drop rate bonuses. That could be a starting point. Secondly, the rewards that could be gotten from the vote books have been so for a long time, which doesn't portend well with the massive overhaul the server has seen over the past few months. Hence with, I recommend that there should be a consistent 30-50t, based on a randomly permissible yet set limitation, upon opening the vote book, and also a reward that is an improvement over and above the ones that are being doled out now, something that Lord @drax can dwell upon. Ours is a meticulously crafted server, but it doesn't figure too high on the lists of servers, because of our lackluster performance on the voting side. If we are able to pump in some juice into the voting procedure, then the end results would be the influx of massive crowds trying out their hands at one of the comely, and appealing weapons that the server has to offer! And, as to the matter of alts, which RSPS doesn't permit the usage of alts, huddled in close together with the main account, both of which are accessible for use? 😛
  4. Kadaknath

    There are 100-150 less players online at any given time of the day, these days. I haven't seen 400 players online, in over a millenium, now. It started with the arcade nerf - and hurt like hell - and then, kept on going down. So, yeah, anything that rejuvenates the head-count, I'm all for. VOUCH
  5. Kadaknath

    Noice! :[)
  6. Kadaknath

    O em Gee, Uber rich people can also get cleaned out of their moneys. It's alright, you have the requisite skills and motivation to rebuild to a much bigger bank! :[) Although, I presume that you are too fat in game to walk out of that donor room at dicezone ( No walking and pvming make Out a world's character a fat boi ) so I am not waiting with bated breath to see you rebuild your bank.
  7. Kadaknath

    Billionarre is running the show at the moment, buckle up. 😛
  8. Kadaknath

    Yes, brother, that's the point! Grinding isn't all that much fun when you take years to end an olaf or necromancer. :[)
  9. Kadaknath

  10. Kadaknath

    If the developers make it so that every survivor is doled out cash based on his survivability ranking, it would infuse the Bg with much-needed activity; and, of course, starter players would have the right means to get their hold on the game, armed with the requisite motivation as well as weaponry to grind further! Interest usually stems from the rewards that could be got from an activity, and hence, there isn't the required motivation to indulge in the minigame, an overhaul can easily take care of that!
  11. Kadaknath

    Stuart is one of the co-founders of the server, he's on the same level as Chuck. 😛
  12. Kadaknath

    This would be rather elongated and stretched out post, so hold your horses, and hear me out! Put yourself in the shoes of a starter player, and think of yourself as having joined the server for the very first time. What is it that you see around you? People loitering around either at ::home, or at the ::market with weapons that are immensely op, and look cooler than anything else that you have come across in your journey through all the RSPS's around. What do you think to yourself? Damn, this is that one good server I intend on grinding out to achieve that level of professionalism! Now, the second thought that comes to your mind - trailing in close together with the first one - how do I get to that level? Where do I start, so as to make sure that I have such immensely comely weapons to flaunt? That is when you go to the help cc. Now, earlier, all of us would have recommended one such person to head to the arcade, given him the requisite gear, to start his journey off - but now, that is hard to do. It's understandable as to why arcade was buffed, and the need for taking one such decision, but sadly, we have a replacement, and yet we don't, for it: BATTLEGROUNDS. Battlegrounds is a minigame that is deserving of all the applause that is given to it, and all for good reasons. Although there is a major shortcoming to it - it's rewarding structure. Most of the items that could be acquired aren't much in demand and haven't been so since the advent of the minigame. Either that, or it's immeasurably hard to get a hold of them. I understand that you may talk me down about grinding it out, but tell me this, isn't it extremely time-consuming to grind out, let's say, an Olaf or necromancer with a space jam (u), or golden AK? And that too in this time and age, wherein people are looking for maximum value for their inputted time - after all, time is in short supply! And hence, without stretching myself off too long - people don't have that large of an attention span these days - I would like to suggest a complete overhaul of the rewards presented to the player in BG. Also, as is the case with many other RSPS's of repute, having their own versions of battlegrounds, cash should be meted out to the participants based on their survivability score. Said cash reward could range from 5t, for the first one to go, to 25t for the last remaining survivor. This would infuse the BG with much-needed activity, increase, and keep, the footfalls from coming into the server, and ensure that people are aptly rewarded for doing something that is extremely fun and untiring. And, of course, there would sometimes be rewards sponsored by the rich and powerful to the ones who are victorious! I have no qualms against constructive criticism of the highest order, but if you intend on replying with a frivolous, "Fack you noob", "Learn to economy", "Do you even lift bro", "Grind it out, lazy fuck", "You have no clue what you are talking about, illiterate monkey *racist, since I am an asian*, then you might as well keep it to yourself - albeit, I will implore you to keep it to yourself, as people who indulge in such slander are clearly inferior mortals and vile human beings.
  13. Good to see that activity would improve tremendously, thanks to the renewed pvming vigor provided by the said event. A job well done!