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    Ingame Username: - Hc Robin026 Forum Username: - Robin026 How old are you? 22 What is your current location? The Netherlands. Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? Never. Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. No. Create a brief introduction about yourself. Well my name is Robin ofcourse :P, the reason why i want to be a wiki editor is that i realy love to help people and learn more about the game myself. What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? My strength is: - When i love something i'll go for the 120%, so what i'm trying to say is: I want to find everything out to know everything about the game. My weakness is: - My job as a cook probably because you start late and you're finished late. What is your best moment with Dreamscape? When i came back for the third time to dreamscape i was more motivated as ever, also i realy enjoy the events that are hosted by the staff!
  2. Like my title says the castle wars is a great mini game but the rewards are not realy worth it anymore. also remove those 1 hit items like the bazooka (u) and beserker boots! 😛
  3. Robin026

    ign: Hc Robin026