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  1. Robin026

    Thank you! ?
  2. Christmas Wishlist Event Results! Hello everyone i hope you guys had a amazing Christmas! Sorry for the late response but Santa had a busy day to deliver all the presents to everyone! Santa enjoyed every single wishlist you guys made but unfortunaly there can only be 3 winners. Results: First place: @Its Mr Mg 5Q Cash. Second place: @Filth 2,5Q Cash. Third place: @Squidlin 1Q Cash. For The people that didn't won don't worry Santa has something small for you boys and girls aswell! ? Best Wishes: - Santa. ?
  3. Robin026

    I agree, it would be cool to see the scyth of vitur with AoE and maybe even some bonuses!
  4. Cool update! those sleds are sick!
  5. Robin026

    I like the idea to make a extreme overload potion however i think 200 would be overkill, something around the 170-180 would be better IMO.
  6. Robin026

    Have you been a good boy/girl this year? Have you always wanted that Bronze Full Helm (G) for Christmas?! Now is the chance to tell Santa what you really want this year on Dreamscape! So how does this event work? The only thing you have to do is tell Santa 5 different items you always wanted for Christmas! RULES: - Keep it Dreamscape Related so only Dreamscape items! - Place only 5 items not more. - Don't be the funny guy that asks for example an Executive Cape. - And the most important rule off all: ENJOY!! PRIZES: The 3 funniest Christmas Wish Lists will be rewarded with the following prizes: * First place: 5Q Cash * Second place: 2,5Q Cash * Third place: 1Q Cash For the people that didn't made it into the top 3 don't worry, you will still get a prize! The Results will be released on December 27th.
  7. Robin026

    Hey welcome back!
  8. Happy Holidays Everyone! ?
  9. Robin026

    I fully agree with this especially the shops at home. +1 from me!
  10. Robin026

    Ooof I like to see a voldemort revamp!! +1111!!! Oooh Cloak of invisibility sounds very cool. ?
  11. Robin026

    Hey Englog welcome back to Dreamscape! I hope that you picked up your personal life again and that you will enjoy playing Dreamscape again! ?
  12. Robin026

    Hey Kavraka nice to meet you and welcome to the DSGANG! ? If you don't know something just pm me ingame or use the Dreamscape wiki
  13. Congratulations on Helper man you deserve it.

    1. Robin026


      Thanks Anti! ? ❤️

    2. Anti


      You're welcome.


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