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  1. Robin026

    I'd like to see items that are discontinued (If it's possible) Here are a few items/pets i have in mind: - Icy Torva Set (1500-2000 Points per piece) - Shadow Star (2000-2500 Points) - A custom pet like a Check Symbol or perhaps a Achievement Symbol with 5% Luck and 5% droprate (3000 Points Untradeable.) - Soulflare (600-700 Points) - Boxes like the Tactical Box, Quadron Box, Warfare Box (300-500 Points each) - Platinum AK-47 (800-900 Points)
  2. Robin026

    Congratz to the winners! all well deserved!
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  4. Robin026

    That would also be a nice idea man! 😄 Also your welcome
  5. Robin026

    I'd like to see more custom quests into Dreamscape so +1 for me! 😄 Also as reward it would be cool to see a new mid tier cape because there isn't realy a good mid tier cape in Dreamscape!
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    These are all pure gold man LMAO!
  8. Robin026

    10000, i mean 269
  9. I came up with a great idea for a new Raid called the "Falador Massacre" for the people that don't know what that is here is a video what happend in OSRS back then:, so how will this new Raid look like? The location for the Raid is in Falador where you will fight the boss called "Durial321'' and his minions also it would be very cool to have Partyhats and other gear like dragon med helms and mithrill platebody's laying on the ground instead of supplies, but you can't pick those up. So what should the rewards be from the raid? It would be cool to get Fashionscape related gear as reward like Partyhats, Santa Hats and maybe a new Custom weapon that has stats?? Also to make this Raid more realistic make it harder for players to kill him so no Overpowered gear like Eternal Khione staff and BFG9000, but more gear like primal torva, virtus and pernix. How would this benefit the players and servers? Well this would be a unique feature in a RSPS and also a bit more challenging Raid for players that gets bored to kill bosses Easily. I hope more people want to see this in Dreamscape!
  10. Robin026

    EZ win!
  11. Robin026

    Goodluck everyone! 😄
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    242 The glaive will be mine! >:)
  14. Robin026

    I'd like this idea! but on the other hand getting Shadow torva (u) will be waay easier to get. Still +1 tho!
  15. Robin026

    Once again The Netherlands beats Belgium! 😛 Thanks for the nominee and goodluck to the others!!