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  1. Trust me there is no admins who gambles... And imo its hella gucci if Helpers/Mods does it. Havent seen any situations when ya pm or ask something from them and they wont response to that.
  2. Feel free to check out this thread if you dont know how to make it.
  3. chz

    First Timer

    Welcome and i hope you re going to enjoy the community. See you around! :3
  4. Well well well... Good luck on that grind... I hope we ll see alot of updates here: Stay strong, be patient and good luck!
  5. chz

    Christmas events?

    Well please make it big, cuz everything from this year isnt so good. So please push those rewards then. 😛 Btw, not sure what should it be but i hope we see something different than bg,fp, dd...etc events
  6. you feel? This thing is crazy, i wish the same!!!!!! WOW
  7. Username: chz altRank In-game: executiveProof (screenshot): https://prnt.sc/vqe681
  8. Worth thinking about that but if do that, then with much higher rate etc.
  9. Well i agree with that, would be super helpful for beginners etc.
  10. Tbh i had once same problem, but after all they went to the col chest. Need just to wait a little.
  11. chz


    Welcome, enjoy the game man 🤎
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