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  1. Tbh i had once same problem, but after all they went to the col chest. Need just to wait a little.
  2. chz

    Welcome, enjoy the game man 🤎
  3. Hello Dreamers! 🖤

  4. chz

    Good idea, i hope that you get all the job with forum done..... Soon
  5. Heeeeeeew yaaaaaaw🤎

  6. chz

    Like that idea, space virt could be upgradeable but with lower change to success that
  7. chz

    Well there is defference about col neck and emp neck. Emp neck can spawn items to your inv so yeah my opinion for that... Its not worth doing.
  8. chz

    Woop, nice rewards boys. Hope that its gonna work #DSGANG
  9. chz

    +1 imo its great when all the info (drops etc) are up on one platform.
  10. until

    see you around and GL
  11. Just wow. That deal is definitely better than the past one. #MUCHW0w
  12. Have a nice day babe🖤

  13. Yaaaaz again Waiting for those FP and DD events 🖤
  14. Well my first time was in 2017/18 for some time. Left for some reason(family etc) and started to play again in December 2k19
  15. What a great guide from you +rep man

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