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  1. Bitcoin GF

    The other prayerbooks are stronger yes, but you give up SS. But I get you.
  2. Bitcoin GF

    The curses equivalent do yes, they replace turmoil but for range or mage.
  3. Bitcoin GF

    If its relatively easy to acquire, new players starting out with glocks etc etc would have a much better time since the prayers would help them boost to higher damage. And if you have the gear, more dps is always nice :).
  4. Bitcoin GF

    So here is a combined list of my suggestions. Basically just stuff I notice ingame I wan't to see if people could get behind. Discuss below please <3. Suggestion #1, new prayers. Those being Augury, Rigour, and the corresponding courses prayers for range and mage. These to be unlocked via a point shop. Maybe like a prayer shop, bury X bones for X points to buy the prayers for X points. For example, 1 dragon bone yeilds 1 point, 1 phoenix bone could yeild.. 25 points? and a scroll could be like 5,000 points. Suggestion #2, rework instance points. They are astronomically high, I get its an instance and irons have to work for it but the prices are so high for how few points you get per kill. Suggestion #3, Wave tickets. By this I mean for people trying to farm points in arcade and or trying to test gears to finish the arcade. Make a ticket purchasable with either gold or arcade points to skip waves in increments of 10. Meaning you could buy a 10 wave ticket which starts you on wave 11, or a 20 wave ticket that starts you on 21, and so on. Suggestion #4 Skill Cape perks. Perhaps sync skill cape perks with pets so that if you have a pet and wearing corresponding skill cape it'll add more intensive to skill. Suggestion #5 Skilling Bosses. As title says, possibly consider a boss you need to skill for to kill. Again adding more insentive to skilling.
  5. Bitcoin GF

    YCGamez, more like YCLamez and Vader, he’s just a guy who walked out on his kid and feels remorse for how crappy of a father he was. Him and shrek have the same thing in common. They did too little too late, and no one loves them.
  6. Bitcoin GF

  7. So I donated today for a Diablo Jr pet on my Ironman, and got 15 goodiebag picks!! And as you can see from my invent I got some amazing loot. AND won 100Q, but I’m a dummy and wanted to give 25Q to the well Bc I wanted achievement and to be nice. Little did i know it takes the entire stack, so now the well has nearly a week on it. Enjoy the lots my boi’s ^_^. And sidenote i also got a Helicopter pet from a dynamic so now I have a useless diablo ? and invite the first Ironman to pull one from a box. One last thing to tilt you, I upgraded coll neck and row I to amulet of blood and a ring of fortune. WHAT A DAY.