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  1. Ragnos

    oh i didn know the capes didnt work there it was just a broad statement that i didnt check properly so i apologise. ill be sure to double check my understandings of that next time. And yea i feel like irons get left behind alot and i love playing my iron way more then hardcore just personal preferance. and i know afk is decent for money but seems like the only way to get a fair amount of money since they made mystery boxes untradeble by removing the ticket dealer or was it merchant? either way that seemed alot easier and more fun then sit and stare at ::afk trees. i really hope they start to shiw us ironmen/women more love in the future. and i also thank you for your feedback it is much appreicated.
  2. Ragnos

    Iron instance portals Revamp What's the current issue? A lot of the bosses still drop coins, not all the bosses are in instance portal, and the cost of items in Rewards store are outdated and expensive. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add all the current bosses missing to the instance portal and remove coins as a drop and replace with DS coins and lower the cost of items to match their worth, with monsters dropping DS coins irons will be able to turn a small profit from slaying in the portal. How will this benefit player/server? Well as iron portal instances are payable for X amount of kills and depending on the kill u get x points, it takes forever to get to even decent rewards max is 4 points and American armour and Invictus weapions are 10k points (2500) kills at bonus points or 3k kils without bonus points for 1 item, Coins are useless so its rather sucks to get coins as a drop, atleast if it was ds coins you would slowly get profit from killing in the portal. How could this be expanded in future? By being updated to the current bosses would help if wanting to grind out a specific boss In example, Guardian of A'morth you tele there and someone using range with a executive cape is taking all the kills you cant get a kill in then u have to try to fight for a kill or just wait till they decide to leave. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Seeing as how Sponsor's can use the portal as well it could cause a flux of items coming in. but most sponsors would more then likely go to the respected area where a monster is located due to faster kills at respectful boss tele anyways. I feel like the Iron community is seriously hindered compared to others and it would be nice to get a little bit of love 😄 K3! and it would be nice to want to grind out again in the instance portal. I appreciate any feedback, and thanks for looking at my suggestion.
  3. What is the content called Helicopter of Doom! (lvl 666) Health 66,666 can only me hurt by magic/Range How does it work? -25,000 DS Coins to enter -Similar to the tank boss fight What rewards does it give? Ds coins as a always(50-1k Dscoins) Very rare drop: Minigun or even a chance at the helicopter pet (seeing as it is untradeable now)at a Dream drop rate How will it benefit server/players? It would help out irons by having a way to get a minigun easier and also a Golden Minigun or even the helipet How could it be expanded in the future? In the future if it is to pass it could be increase of DS coins needed to enter. or even just remove the helipet as a drop What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Could cause the price of the Regular minigun and Golden MiniGun to either inflate or decrease in value, also the cost of a helicopter donation. but could aslo increase the amount of donotains from Sponsor tickets seeing as how sponsors can use iron instances I appreciate all feedback Thank you For your Time and have a Goodday!
  4. Ragnos

    thanks everyone for your input I love to hear it. ?
  5. Hi, If you stop to read this just want to say thank you for your time. So as a Ironman I've been going for the Tank Toy and lets be honest the grind is fun ? the only problem... TWO CHANCES of mystery box drops. one as a Common drop and one as a "rare" the same as the one hit Grenade, and after farming this boss at 3.6k kills and with the new updates one in particular being Golden AK-47 being able to be upgraded to a Platinum AK, I was wondering if the old "rare mysterybox drop" could be replaced with the Golden ak-47 to help the irons out a bit. I just think this would be a nice little flow to help out irons in their Journey. anyways would love to hear feedback as this is my first post once again thank you for your time and have a nice day. ?