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  1. Ragnos

    QOL ChangeWhat's the current issue? Emblem drop in game is same color as voting text What's your suggested way of fixing it? Instead of Green like Vote text maybe either Orange or Purple How will this benefit player/server? Will stop players from thinking they have received a emblem drop when really someone just voted How could this be expanded in future? Maybe Mae it to where "show names of items on ground" has a color priorty or even a filter What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Cant really think how this would effect any of these Catagories
  2. Ragnos

    yea I can agree to that lol and this would give those who don't have the means to donate to have a grindy yet free way
  3. Ragnos

    i agree it was just a suggestion lol that can be left out
  4. Ragnos

    Wow nice loot!
  5. Ragnos

    from one ironman to another i wish you the best in your goals and never give up! BEST OF LUCK!
  6. Ragnos

    Vouch for the simple fact I feel like a complete "Ahole" when doing daylies and people just starting out are trying to train there also good for ironmen seeing as how we don't effect the eco anyways now as for abusing I think anyone using a thumper here would be complete over kill maybe make it to where thumper is not useable here and I don't think it would be a bad idea.
  7. Ragnos

    ooo a monster I still need to kill with incentive! keep em coming bodhi! and good luck to those participating!
  8. Ragnos

    And I couldn't have done it without you wonderful people rooting me on! k3!
  9. Hello there, my name is Ragnos but you can call me Rag if you like :). I am a ironman player love the struggle and fun and pain it brings ;)

  10. Ragnos

    WHAT I won best ironman.... TY ALL ! K3!
  11. Ragnos

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? Tank pet is a ironman exclusive pet with no Benefits which makes it pointless to obtain What's your suggested way of fixing it? Atleast giving it Healing and damage comparable to slimmer (since when fighting tankboss it lobs grenades at you) How will this benefit player/server? It will help out ironman since getting a healing pet is next to impossible unless donating or getting extremely lucky when opening dynamics How could this be expanded in future? I don't think it will need expanded on What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Don't think it will effect eco and not be overpowered due to being exclusive to irons. I feel that it is a long time coming that it gets a buff and becomes a way for irons to obtain a pet that has healing without donating or getting extremely luck
  12. Very neat update. Still forgetting about the iron players though give us some Qol improvements like updating the portal with more bosses and better points and more stuff to buy with those points.
  13. Ragnos

    honestly for the people who put in the time I think they should allow it make it Way rewarding for actually doing karma 😄
  14. Ragnos

    For new contentWhat is the content called Karma pet IF GOOD pet is modeled after xebos with space texture IF EVIL pet is modeled after Xebos with infernal texture How does it work? while completing daily karma tasks has a chance to drop the karma pet must complete all tasks for the chance for it to drop What rewards does it give? allows double karmic kismets in karma guild zone How will it benefit server/players? will make karmic kismets easier to obtain while training karma in guild zone How could it be expanded in the future? N/A left up to dev team What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) cant really think how it could be over powered seeing how the items in karma shop are high in price for the bonus's they give and the most u can afk at the tree which used to be best is 1hr 24k (without pet while 48K with pet) I really think it would be neat for karma to have a pet for a custom skill Appreciate any feedback as always have a good day DSGANG
  15. Ragnos

    Amazing update! only have 1 problem with it tho the Afk for a 1 hour a day but additonal hours can be bought through arcade for 1k really hinders ironmen used to be able to sell mboxs to the ticket dealer for money cant do that now, afk was very good for ironmen, just feels like iron always get a short end of the stick 😕 wouwould be nice if u added diglet to the instamce portals for irons to have a decent money maker since most we can do is chuck coins into the well or item lottery. other then that amazimg update

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