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  1. the L3g3nd

    im OG too i do remember you
  2. the L3g3nd

    godbless you both beatz , congratz man
  3. With all respect for you globe , dreamscape its known as Costom rsps , drop rates are pretty good . You have raods for fast money and also what englof mentioned down there . Im player since 215 and you onow me im also gambler too i get cleaned but i everitime menage rebuild fast . Making more easy drop rates i think i would quit ds , becuase some ppls loves the chellanges and im one of them . But seriously bro there is no server in rsps world who makes you posible to get extreme donator ticket for 1 hour ( you can do that from revenants ) btw i played on too many rsps and i dont see difference from ds drop rate to others it takes months to do one t bow on osrs raps orientation . I dont agree with this suggestion
  4. the L3g3nd

    Hello Guys ! Im The l3g3nd im 25 Yo from Kosovo (albania) CCNA Certified on Cisco Networking Accademy i play Dreamscape Since 2014 -2015 i love this server
  5. Hello #DsGang i have one suggestion wich comes from too many requests from starters . Suggestion : Updating the Drop table Bosses like Shadow , phoenix , Icy Skeletons to make them more populated and more easy for new Ds players