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  1. Skilla

    Great idea, (Thanks to me for the idea and ] Vl0ne aswell for coming up with this!!!) Hopefully this can be introduced into the server as a big way of betting and gambling I got the Cavs 118-117 over Golden state! I will throw down 1q cash onto this
  2. Thank you for these updates, you guys put in non-stop hard work! Can't wait to see who gets the first drop!
  3. Be sure to check out our Discord! 


  4. Skilla

    Thank you @Suffer Appreciate the feedback, always nice to hear stuff like this.
  5. Skilla

    NOOOOOOOOOOO im going to miss you, it was nice knowing and playing with you for the time that we had, you were a great friend of mine. Always will remember you
  6. Skilla

    Love how we made the switch! Thanks for this guide, hope to see you all in discord!
  7. Skilla


    Welcome to Dreamscape317! Look forward too seeing you ingame! If you need any help in-game PM me "Im A Skilla" is my username!
  8. I smell the fresh scent of a cleaned bank.

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    3. suomitank


      welcome to the club

    4. HC Kai

      HC Kai

      welcome! (got cleaned 1q yesterday) my bank is 10k seeds :P

  9. Skilla

    Take your time dude, have fun enjoy it. You don't need to focus on DS for a bit, you do what you need. Beside that, congratulations and have a fun safe trip!
  10. How's everyone doing?


  12. Skilla

    Back in the day I used to quit all the time after I lost bank, I just learned it's not worth it, because mostly would be back in a day at max. Considering that, I hope too see you In-Game soon! Sorry about you losing your bank, but you'll make it back soon, trust me! Nice knowing ya, ~Skilla

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