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  1. Phetish

    Do another 1k, why not? ?
  2. Phetish

    Damn, that's some dedication lol
  3. Back after some personal stuff happened IRL! Can't wait to see what's been going on in DS!

  4. Phetish

    Well then
  5. Phetish

    Nice dream there, bud but nope
  6. Phetish

    Looks about right, lol. He's definitely crazy, but in a chill way
  7. Phetish

    I definitely vouch for this idea, they're so helpful
  8. Phetish

  9. Phetish

    That was very generous of you
  10. Phetish

    The issue with people buying/selling in the Help CC is that it'll become harder to keep up with all the questions that are asked. I've noticed even now with people just carrying conversations in that cc that sometimes questions get lost and go unanswered.. Even though I'm not too sure about a Market CC, if it was revived they could always rank the TD's in there to monitor it? Just a suggestion though. It's kind of a tough decision but trial and error is the best way to handle it in this case I suppose.
  11. Phetish

    Welcome back
  12. Phetish

    Not, lol.
  13. Phetish

    Ouch hahaha, that's awesome