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  1. Phetish 💗

    Damn, I missed it 😞 Are we doing another soon? ❤️
  2. Phetish 💗

    Good luck to all the nominees ❤️
  3. Finally back to dreamscape ❤️ I missed y'all! Obviously a lot of people I knew are gone but still excited to be back

  4. Phetish 💗

    Well good luck to those who do participate, I'm too broke IRL for this kinda thing lmao
  5. Phetish 💗

    Pretty awesome, too bad I've got bills to pay right now lol
  6. Phetish 💗

    Forum Username: Phetish Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 10 months Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  7. Phetish 💗

    Is there a thread that further explains competitive mode? I wasn't playing at the time it was added & I'd like to read up on the mode.
  8. Awesome updates & fixes ❤️
  9. Phetish 💗

    Dang, you're really good. How long have you been making signatures?
  10. Phetish 💗

    That makes sense, and should help with all sorts of issues that can make the staff team's job harder.
  11. Phetish 💗

    Great job, man ❤️
  12. Phetish 💗

    Welcome back
  13. Phetish 💗

    Nice to meet you, CJBear I'm more chatty on the forums than I am in-game, I'm a bit awkward like that lol
  14. Phetish 💗

    What's your favorite song to play every time you get the chance? That one song you just CAN'T skip whenever it comes on? Mine changes a lot, honestly.. but as of right now..
  15. Phetish 💗

    👀 Hmm..