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  1. Haha, first time i've seen u win something in your gambling vids, Great content , keep em coming
  2. Treyway

    Oh hai there Slicin, I remember when i had simular hobbys, great times... But now im a caveman playing DS on free time. I am born 1995 nov 20th suuwup
  3. Treyway

    Ez my win narbs 😄
  4. Treyway

    Vouch I like ur idéas, I like the lumberjack set, but shud lower the % abit, or its gonna be to easy to get eagle nests.
  5. Treyway

    Nice tag beethoven, maybe ill change my mind and get one for myself
  6. Treyway

    Nice goals Dunder! I love peoples with goals and dedication in life! Gl on ur adventure!
  7. Nice vid, I like see myself win against you didyan XD
  8. Treyway

    Voted! GL lads, let the best pic win
  9. Treyway

    I like it how it is so no vouch from me
  10. Treyway

    I've seen u at ::dicezone a few times, but u are not online consistent so its a neutral vote from me, get ur ingame activity up and you would fit the spot as TD
  11. Treyway

    Hmm, sounds interesting, Ill follow this thread
  12. Treyway

    Boss teleport is there cuz of one reason, so i dont see why you need commands added. Whats the point of the boss telport if so
  13. Treyway

    Yoo. I'll take look in my bank if i have any of those items
  14. Treyway

    Wow, the trash loot u get from ckeys doe... Nice vid dude!
  15. Treyway

    I'll VOUCH for that, so it has a bett "skilling" aspect. Good idè