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  1. ACT I

    I'm going to have to give this a NO VOUCH I don't feel as players who may not have played in years should have their name taken...
  2. ACT I

    I VOUCH for this idea as the achievement store is pretty much useless. It would be nice to see some new items get thrown in there.
  3. ACT I

    Man, sad to see you go... but I truly respect your decision. You have done so much for this community, and we are all grateful for everything. I have definitely had some amazing times with you my man, and shoot me a message or skype or anything whenever you want to take more shots! I'll miss ya - Stephen
  4. IGN: Act I Super excited for this one especially! I love how you made separate events for the ranks!
  5. IGN: Act I Love the gambling tournaments!
  6. Very Very excited for the upcoming updates! The new Hades set looks sick! Once again, great job Drax and the rest of the team!!
  7. ACT I

    No vouch for me, as the prod/owner/exec capes are meant to be 1hit capes, not bis pvm capes.
  8. ACT I

    Big SUPPORT from me, Couldn't of said it better than Hc Canada. Possibly making it so we can have an actual penguins area instanced.
  9. ACT I

    NO VOUCH from me. I feel that it's a good idea, but I personally think it will further mess up the eco. If players can just "lend" items there won't be any reason to actually them.
  10. ACT I

    I am all for the suggestion change, as the caskets are currently terrible. Can you resubmit this suggestion using the required layout? It's the pinned thread in this section.
  11. ACT I

    I would much rather see these two added to the scavenger shop, now that's just my opinion as I have about 20 of each. I don't feel like they should be tradeable though as it will take away from the upgrading option.
  12. ACT I

    Yeah I can see there being an issue if the sets become tradeable, but it costs a few hundred mil to get the tiers up and it is untradeable after that anyways. I just feel as the dream mage set has no real purpose at the moment considering the price for it.
  13. ACT I

    What's the current issue? I feel that the dream mage set is not even a viable option for PVMing, compared to space virtus. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Giving the tiered versions a higher magic dmg %, as magic attack bonus has no effect on the dmg dealt. How will this benefit player/server? It will give another reason for players to donate/do goodiebags from admins to get dream mage or even do Voldemort, it will also add another reason for players to use sire crystals/the sire boss to farm. How could this be expanded in future? Possibly adding a hidden dmg boost like dream range set What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I don't feel like this will negatively effect the eco or making certain things OP. The space virtus set is already crashing due to the influx of 2k19 boxes in the game. Please leave any feedback or other ideas!
  14. ACT I

    Aye the big 21 my man! I'll definitely be joining in on your celebration! Once again, always coming through and incorporating the community into fun and rewarding events!
  15. ACT I

    100% VOUCH for this, I have many auras that I have no use for. I feel that adding them to be sell-able to the arcade shop will definitely help those who have plenty of duplicates and are trying to finish the set.