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  1. ACT I

    I ENDORSE THIS MESSAGE. The current dicezone is way too small.
  2. ACT I

    NO VOUCH from me. As I do agree there is an absurd amount of cash and items in game having everyone get rid of 50% of their cash is not the way to go. I would be absolutely livid if I spent so much time grinding or even selling donations to have 50% just disappear. WE DO NEED A MONEY AND ITEM SINK, this just isn't it IMO. If it were to come into effect, think about all of the items in game... There's some people with 50+ eks, ak asii, diablos, etc... Just because the money is gone this idea won't fix the items and their prices.
  3. I will give this suggestion a VOUCH as I have seen plenty of people with this same issue! This would be a great QoL update and should be in the game in my opinion!
  4. ACT I

    VOUCH from me! Executive zone does get very very dry, especially once all of the boss drops are collected there really isn't anything to grind for. I feel that none of the suggested bosses would make it OP and having a little gold sink is always nice!
  5. ACT I

    VOUCH from me! Plenty of us Executive donators have expressed our feelings on this typic, I am really hoping our zone gets a rework!
  6. ACT I

    I am all for QoL updates, and I know the pain of constantly having to change my prayers via the altars for ::BG! So I'm giving this a big VOUCH!
  7. ACT I

    Dude, your'e killing it my mans. I love the updates you're doing, keep including the community in your updates!
  8. ACT I

    What's the current issue? The current reward for the endless arcade is terrible... I was highly disappointed with spending hours upon hours to complete it, only to receive 3 different infernal capes and 765 tokens.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Possibly buffing the token amount upon completion or giving a new title/icon related to completing Endless.How will this benefit player/server? For me personally I was extremely demotivated from PvMing or doing anything of the sort when I finally completed it, only to receive those rewards...So, I would say it would give players more incentive to attempt the Endless Arcade!How could this be expanded in future? Possibly making a poll for rewards from minigames on future updates.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) As the endless version is EXTREMELY difficult with only 4 players that have completed it so far, and the reward buff I suggested I don't think it'll effect the eco.
  9. ACT I

    I like this simple yet helpful suggestion. VOUCH from me! It would be nice to keep the tools in a "belt" rather than taking up inv space.
  10. ACT I

    I down voted each topic as I don't see a real use in any of those suggestions. The competitive mode is meant to be a solo competition between players... As far as primal goes, it's not hard to obtain and you can always get a scroll of protection or buy a revs instance so players cannot attack you. I don't see any real use for adding the donator ticket to the extreme shop. NO VOUCH.
  11. ACT I

    I'm going to have to give this a NO VOUCH I don't feel as players who may not have played in years should have their name taken...
  12. ACT I

    I VOUCH for this idea as the achievement store is pretty much useless. It would be nice to see some new items get thrown in there.
  13. ACT I

    Man, sad to see you go... but I truly respect your decision. You have done so much for this community, and we are all grateful for everything. I have definitely had some amazing times with you my man, and shoot me a message or skype or anything whenever you want to take more shots! I'll miss ya - Stephen
  14. IGN: Act I Super excited for this one especially! I love how you made separate events for the ranks!
  15. IGN: Act I Love the gambling tournaments!