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  1. ACT I

    I ENDORSE THIS MESSAGE. The current dicezone is way too small.
  2. ACT I

    NO VOUCH from me. As I do agree there is an absurd amount of cash and items in game having everyone get rid of 50% of their cash is not the way to go. I would be absolutely livid if I spent so much time grinding or even selling donations to have 50% just disappear. WE DO NEED A MONEY AND ITEM SINK, this just isn't it IMO. If it were to come into effect, think about all of the items in game... There's some people with 50+ eks, ak asii, diablos, etc... Just because the money is gone this idea won't fix the items and their prices.
  3. I will give this suggestion a VOUCH as I have seen plenty of people with this same issue! This would be a great QoL update and should be in the game in my opinion!
  4. ACT I

    VOUCH from me! Executive zone does get very very dry, especially once all of the boss drops are collected there really isn't anything to grind for. I feel that none of the suggested bosses would make it OP and having a little gold sink is always nice!
  5. ACT I

    I am all for QoL updates, and I know the pain of constantly having to change my prayers via the altars for ::BG! So I'm giving this a big VOUCH!
  6. ACT I

    Dude, your'e killing it my mans. I love the updates you're doing, keep including the community in your updates!
  7. What's the current issue? The current reward for the endless arcade is terrible... I was highly disappointed with spending hours upon hours to complete it, only to receive 3 different infernal capes and 765 tokens.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Possibly buffing the token amount upon completion or giving a new title/icon related to completing Endless.How will this benefit player/server? For me personally I was extremely demotivated from PvMing or doing anything of the sort when I finally completed it, only to receive those rewards...So, I would say it would give players more incentive to attempt the Endless Arcade!How could this be expanded in future? Possibly making a poll for rewards from minigames on future updates.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) As the endless version is EXTREMELY difficult with only 4 players that have completed it so far, and the reward buff I suggested I don't think it'll effect the eco.
  8. ACT I

    I like this simple yet helpful suggestion. VOUCH from me! It would be nice to keep the tools in a "belt" rather than taking up inv space.
  9. ACT I

    I'm going to have to give this a NO VOUCH I don't feel as players who may not have played in years should have their name taken...
  10. ACT I

    I VOUCH for this idea as the achievement store is pretty much useless. It would be nice to see some new items get thrown in there.
  11. ACT I

    Man, sad to see you go... but I truly respect your decision. You have done so much for this community, and we are all grateful for everything. I have definitely had some amazing times with you my man, and shoot me a message or skype or anything whenever you want to take more shots! I'll miss ya - Stephen
  12. IGN: Act I Super excited for this one especially! I love how you made separate events for the ranks!
  13. IGN: Act I Love the gambling tournaments!
  14. Very Very excited for the upcoming updates! The new Hades set looks sick! Once again, great job Drax and the rest of the team!!
  15. ACT I

    No vouch for me, as the prod/owner/exec capes are meant to be 1hit capes, not bis pvm capes.

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