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  1. No vouch, This would cause too much conflict with emperor's ring.
  2. This should definitely be added to the wiki, I didn't know you could upgrade totems until about 3 days ago
  3. Username: Act iRank In-game: Platinum PartnerProof (screenshot): https://ibb.co/NLC3pqT
  4. Yeah it's there, but quite frankly it's useless.
  5. What's the current issue? Skilling in Dreamscape has almost no purpose other than a few achievements which don't really offer anything.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Adding early/mid game gear and boxes to a skilling zone shop, similar to training zone. Revamping the prestige shop to be actually useful, maybe adding another shop specifically for hardcore accounts.How will this benefit player/server? It adds some diversity to the server other than pvming and gambling/merching. How could this be expanded in future? Possibly adding new skills/cosmetics/skilling items
  6. I also like this idea. I do enjoy skilling and it gives something else to do other than mindlessly killing everything. It will definitely need some adjusting as there are accounts with different xp rates. I think we need more skilling content that is worthwhile!
  7. There can't really be a guide for this, maybe a general outline, but the forums post about customs does a very good job at that. Your best bet is to message an admin that does deals or adams for any custom donation questions or how to start them.
  8. Nice little bug fix update, I like it!
  9. I strongly agree with this, especially with everyone being on different timezones it can sometimes be troublesome getting in contact with admins who work the custom donations.
  10. As much as I would love to obtain some more customs, I feel it should only be custom items that are from banned players or "lost" custom items. It does remove some incentive to donate for a custom or buy donations for customs when we can just sell a donation for a super inflated price and buy a custom with ingame cash.
  11. I VOUCH for this as well, It is always nice seeing new thing added in game to grind for!
  12. Welcome! I've seen you around and done a few transactions with you , If you have any questions you can always pm me ingame.
  13. I agree! This would be a nice QOL update to bring some more attention to the exec raids.
  14. I hope this gets added into the game! Anyone who knows me knows I love opening boxes! lol
  15. This is a great idea, however the universe ring still does more damage than even the emperor's ring i by 10% plus the stat bonuses. Arcade token are already extremely easy to farm with the DC arcade, I don't feel the ring should boost them. I do like the idea of boosted DR chance of the DC equipment rewards. The prices are already getting close to the grind price, so it won't effect the market too much.
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