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  1. ragragragrag

    Yeah this would take forever. Only got one more invicitus box from dream clue within 3.5k penguin kc so im giving up
  2. ragragragrag

    I will be going for full american virtus,torva and pernix via clues. Will get every single clue from penguins. Starting kc 3383. Updating every single clue scroll reward. 12.07.2018 Clue #1 (normal) Vanguard helm,body,legs. Clue #2 (normal) White glass wings Clue #3 (dream) 50000x 1bill check Clue #4 (elite) Elite virtus set Clue #5 (normal) Drygore offhand (U) Clue #6 (hard) 1000x 1bill check Clue #7 (normal) Black boater Clue #8 (hard) Elite pernix set Clue #9 (normal) 100 frost dragon bones Clue #10 (normal) Elite pernix set Clue #11 (normal) Dream magic potion (4h) Clue #12 (hard) Dream wing boots Clue #13 (normal) 250x 1bill check Clue #14 (normal) Diamond partyhat Clue #15 (elite) Magegray egg Clue #16 (hard) Lamps Clue #17 (elite) Ascension crossbow Clue #18 (hard) Ice offhand Clue #19 (normal) Assault rifle Clue #20 (normal) Diamond partyhat Clue #21 (normal) Drygore offhand (U) Clue #22 (normal) Blue boater Clue #23 (elite) Icy wings
  3. ragragragrag

    Good luck brother
  4. ragragragrag

    You got way too lucky with the drops. Just saw you get another one like 30mins apart from last SF. Nice brother
  5. ragragragrag


    had 2 keys in bank, figured why not. also check kc