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  1. kingkeeno

    just like to say all you guy's are great and so friendly i could not of found a better game to play even on the forums you're killing it guys this is a little thanks to all you guys and girls that have said welcome and nice things and also all those to help me get my head around this game thanks to all the dreamscape gang! ? ? YOU'LL ALL ROCK HARD! LOVE YOU GUYS ❤️
  2. kingkeeno

    thanks guys and girl! I've enjoyed this a lot yeah defiantly hard at time I've made bank and lost it all lmfao but still love this, love the custom outfits and how you can put things together that is how I've been doing atm lmfao but talk soon guys n girls
  3. kingkeeno

    Hey everyone my name is Alex my in-game name is Kingkeeno.... i have been playing for almost 3 weeks, yeah I've made bank and I've lost it all yeah its hard at times but I've enjoyed it even without any money you can still have fun! so hey everyone who joins or who is a long time player hope to see some of you guys in the game pm me or even comment on here would love to know if you've lost everything in your bank due to gambling or how much you have lost etc...... and if you've continued to play and how quick you've made it back or even if you're struggling to rebuild thanks and enjoy this beautiful game! see you in game! get that grind going!
  4. kingkeeno

    Hey my name is KingKeeno, i have been playing for 17-18 days now and have really enjoyed this rsps it fun and very cool players to go along side that the staff are very helpful and very honest.... i don't think you can find any better rsps to play this gambling is hard but very fun and a great feature i say gambling hard it easy to do but damn scary to do but this game is amazing!
  5. kingkeeno

    Hey guys and girls I've been playing for 3 days now and have really enjoyed this server my name is Alex in real life and my in-game name is kingkeeno, i have found this server much better than the rest I've played much help and nicely run, i love it absolutely! i use to play back a long rs3privateserver but they shut down and now after a while of sorting life out i came back and found this one its fantastic, so heyyy!!!:D