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  1. IGN: Lonely Bagel Discord: Lonely Bagel#5624
  2. Lonely Bagel

    I think this would be a great idea not everyone has the time to play every single day just keep their elo up
  3. Lonely Bagel

    Yeah I agree with a rework of the Sponsor point store, the milks were a great addition to help spend points but that seems like the only thing worth buying in it, adding a little better items to replace the American Torva (u) and Inga set would be great, same with the cosmetics maybe change it up a little to make it worth trying to save for these items. The one problem I see though is it possibly changing prices on things such as Cerberus boots, but this all depends on the prices set I suppose.
  4. Lonely Bagel

    Yeah after thinking about this store credit would end up getting hard to track, my idea was with the tradable sponsor ticket is that they would still have to get a 1 hit item along with it making it not to bad because at that point I feel like you could buy the ownercape for around the same amount end up ahead from deals. Overall as long as it became useful in some way that's all I'm trying for so you dont get this rare item and just be like wow that's awesome but now its gonna sit in my bank till the end of time.
  5. Lonely Bagel

    So recently I've gotten a Sponsor Ticket from the 2k19 box. It's something awesome to get but for everyone that gets it and is already sponsor+ it's something that you cant sell, use or do anything with. The same for Dynamic Boxes and the ownercape/executive Cape goodiebags its almost not worth it trying to do those since we already have those items(unless you guys have something special for those who already have it). So my suggestion is to think about making the sponsor ticket tradable or exchange it for in store credit. Regarding the items you would get from the dynamic boxes/goodiebags such as an executive totem my suggestion would be to be able to exchange for in store credit or be able to exchange it for lesser items that would be beneficial for the players that already have it.
  6. Lonely Bagel

    Good luck boys
  7. Lonely Bagel

    IGN: Lonely Bagel Time zone: EST

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