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  1. everyonecool

    i still cant log on
  2. everyonecool

    that link u sent me said nothing btw
  3. everyonecool

    I feel like this could be something fun. if we are facing each other and the first person to complete the avengers raid faster could potentially get more tokens.
  4. everyonecool

    Hey, The infinity chest is backwards, i think it should be fixed
  5. everyonecool

    Hey, i feel like there should be some anime customs out and a store for them. what do you guys think?
  6. everyonecool


    I feel there should be more items to dye, the only item i know is dragon claws and i think it would be cool to dye some other things
  7. everyonecool

    I don't have the power to run my own events lol
  8. everyonecool

    hey man i don't care if someone is bad or good at least you try! and it doesn't need to be singing necessarily because i beat box at the karaoke events and people rap too. It's just showing some talent off and whoever wins gets juicy prizes 1st 2nd 3rd ya know
  9. everyonecool

    I am mostly referring to items people don't have for example golden mic lol it would be cool for just a few items to change.
  10. everyonecool

    Hey, i wanted to suggest that i feel we should do more events and gather around our community and have fun. I see many players struggling on getting things and i feel there should be more opportunities to get items and help em out ya know. I've been waiting on a karaoke event like the old days to see others talents and just other fun things. Do you guys think there should be more events for prizes so people could get some things or naw.
  11. everyonecool

    Hey, i know this is something in the past and even now adays where people wish they could trade their items. So i was thinking we should make a vote on what items should be tradeable and shouldn't. What do you guys think?
  12. ign everyonecool discord spooky beatz
  13. ign everyonecool discord spooky beatz hope this time i'm lucky xD
  14. ign everyonecool and disc is spooky beatz
  15. everyonecool

    IGN Everyonecool