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  1. regis 12 if available, 22 otherwise :3 31 or 32 whatever is available 16 or 17 if they're left random otherwise whatever the lowest number remaining is:
  2. regis any number ples and thank u
  3. regis

    4/10 you unoriginal Aussie
  4. regis

    I'm opposed to buffing lamps back to where they were previously. I'd like to maintain the balance between grinding for the lamps and leveling the skills. Granted, there isn't really a reason, but if there's ever a revamp of the prestige system, it'd be nice to know that while farming for lamps will most likely be the preferred method of training, its not something that someone can complete in a very short amount of time.
  5. regis Whatever's left pt 2. (did the last two people follow the rules?) Whatever's left pt 3 If they broke the rules i'm taking all the numbers I'll keep posting until bodhi stops me (or i go to bed ples don't hurt me). keep it going
  6. regis

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? Lamps are a pain to useWhat's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a use 5, use 10, use x option.How will this benefit player/server? Lamps are easier to use.How could this be expanded in future? N/aWhat negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Skilling is pointless anyway, slayer becomes 2 easy?
  7. regis pick a random remaining number please
  8. regis

    Here's a brief overview of the many cases of currency cutting in a real world context: One major difference between the real world currency cutting and what we are trying to control, is the issue with donations. While there is inflation present in-game (dynamic boxes inflating from 1m-4m(? prices are weird) recently, the xebos invite slow inflation from 900k-1.4m over the past few months, other mid tier items), the rates do not reflect the rate at which donation rates are increasing. This is in-part to do with (i'll probably get in trouble for saying this) ineffective price controls. Capping donations at only one value while allowing others to be greater inherently raises the cost of those donations. True, having a large amount of currency makes these prices seem even higher, but simply removing half of the the currency does not change the effect of having uncapped higher end donations. For example: Currently 30$ is capped at 200m. This serves as a rate of around 6.6m per dollar. Using recent donations (no names but they are logged), we can see 50$ donations going for 450m, and $100 going for 800m. Here we see a change which suggests the presence of a bell curve within donations, where at the 50$ price point, the price has increased to 9m/$, and at $100, the price has begun to drop back down, though only slightly at 8m/$. Now propose the scenario where you remove half of the currency from the economy, essentially making all currency worth 2x its current value. Under equal exchange, 30$ would be capped back at 100m, but theoretically the rates between the uncapped donations would still remain similar. You could reasonably expect the rates to fall somewhere around 50$ - 215m, 100$ - 400m. The inflation hasn't been changed due to the lack of a currency, just masked by the presence of lower numbers. A more effective solution in curbing donation inflation would be a combination of currency cutting and, more importantly, capping all donation rates rather than allowing higher end donations to be uncapped. While it seems to hurt the sellers, having consistent pricing allows buyers to know what the rate they are paying won't change based on the person or deal. Without a cap, higher valued donation sellers will always desire rates significantly higher than the standard rate for lower donations, inflating the price of top end donations as people desire more and more money.
  9. regis

    Blanket cash disruptions have never worked in an economic context without causing significant crashes within those economies, negatively impacting the economy for significant amounts of time following the the cuts. I agree that there's too much cash, but a blanket 50% reduction has significant risk of causing more long term problems than the solution would be worth.
  10. For revampsWhat's the current issue? Executive zone is becoming stale and unrewarding for executive players.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Allow players to pay to customize which npcs are available in the zone. Rather than locking it to three bosses, allow the following to be chosen: all ::train monsters penguins (small and steroid) icy skeletons shadow kings chaos elementals barrelchests bork all wildy bosses (vetion, callisto, venannatis, scorpia) dragon bone warriors flame pernix, torva, and virtus forgotten warriors donor bosses groudons king dreamers phoenix sea troll queens tormented demons torquats Any others (suggest below) The fee associated with choosing different npcs can be scaled based upon that npcs drops. high end being 10m, mid tier being 5m, and low tier being 1m. Three unique npcs must be present in the zone at a time, players shouldn't be able to spawn 3 sets of icy skeletons in one zone. How will this benefit player/server? Executive players will be able to tailor their zones to their own individual needs and goals Current exec zone boss drop prices should recover a bit due to less camping More incentive to purchase executive rank.How could this be expanded in future? Different bosses.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Some issues with eco balancing with drops. Any input/thoughts/critiques encouraged! I'll try and respond Thanks -Regis
  11. regis

    Necromancer's have been completed! only 28,979 kc post 100k i finally received my tam amulet! (top post has also been updated to include drop differences). I scaved all my trix orbs, i don't need them.
  12. regis

    This would effectively crash the market on crystal keys and ckey +, and would also make one of the best ways to train scavenger extremely cheap. The impact on the cost alone is enough to make me lean towards No Support.
  13. 100k Kc done with 105% drop rate (rip dream range nerf) and a thumper at exec zone. Emperor's ring but no emperor's necklace for souls, and an additional scroll of souls for the memes (ik it doesn't stack but, memes). Unfortunately, my trix orb luck does not extend to tam amulets, which I unfortunately still lack after this iteration of 100k kc. The hunt continues! Other notables: 18 soulflares (9 drops), 4x Olaf helms, 6 Olaf bodies, 2 olaf capes, 2 seers boots, 2 beserker boots Total amount of xebos/infinity keys unknown, I actively used them throughout the journey. completed on: 128,979 Trix orbs scaved for the memes
  14. Even more lamps to farm! Great update as always
  15. regis

    Here's the original announcement!