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  1. regis

    +1 if there are no plans to rework the prestige system to actually be rewarding. If there are plans to change the prestige system, I think the lamps are fine. Having overpowered lamps completely devalues the system.
  2. regis

    The best case scenario is to add a way to access the ::drops panel via right click on an npc as opposed to ::drops - search npc name - npc name I doubt true drop rates will ever be posted. Cool idea though.
  3. regis

    Negative Effect: Introduces more boxes without editing older boxes, which devalues older boxes. Haven't seen this issue brought up but we keep releasing new boxes with disregard for old ones, instead of just updating contents. All the items would be overpowered: Yes lets continue to add to end game gear instead of bridging the content drought from new player to end game. (sarcasm) Ancestral seems out of place, there are already so many mage armors available that adding another set makes it seem cluttered. Kodai: If it's stats or price do not rival frostbite staff + , it won't be used, unless it's effect is absolutely overpowered. Twisted Bow: This would be good at.....voldemort? Don't see the point of adding weaponry that is used in niche scenarios when we have other OP items that would still out class it. Twisted Buckler: Would need extremely good defensive stats / effect to be used over the bfg off hand, or any other ranged off hand if there are any that aren't with using currently. Niche and seems to be arcade focused. Not really clear from your wording but I assume you don't expect one of the above to drop every completion. More fun to do team raids: Avengers is rarely done, and even when it is, it's almost exclusively on spotlight / Event. Theatre of Blood: Same as avengers. While I am in full support of new content, tailoring it to end game players with end game rewards and donation benefits isn't great.
  4. regis

    You are misinterpreting how supply side economics works. By increasing the number of people which can camp revs, you are inherently increasing the SUPPLY of items entering into the economy. As supply increases with no shift in demand, the sellers are forced to lower prices to the point where they will be purchased by consumers. No where in my response did I mention the generation of currency, simply that you would be decreasing the profit per hour for players killing revs by driving the supply of items entering the economy up. I do not treat the value of 15Q as pure currency, but as the value of the items which were brought into the game as a result of revs.
  5. regis

    I think you are vastly underestimating the impact of having multiple floors to revs. You say you made 15Q in one day with an oblivion scythe. Thats with one floor, now imagine if you say, three people per floor, at 5 floors, making 15Q minimum each per person. You've now created an influx of items into the economy, devaluing both the items and the money to be made for all players by adding more spots due to the current lay out. Yes, AOE is overpowered, but in a way, it keeps the prices of those items consistent so that few people can actually camp the content to make money. There should be a rule against ragging. If there are other people in the caves, and they choose to attack you over and over for hours, then that is a problem. If there are multiple people in the cave, and they are attacking indiscriminately, and you happen to die more than twice, that doesn't constitute a problem. Being able to pk helps keep the number of revs consistently killed down, again helping the economy. You are trying to make content more accessible to a wider part of the server, which is fine, but I don't think revs are a candidate for such a change. You advocate for new players, so lets create new content or rework current beginner content so that the bridge to mid - late game is easier without having to go to revs. No support.
  6. regis

    6/10 Worst pickup by Real Madrid Or are you hay.
  7. Awesome to see my suggestion make it onto the server Great updates as well!
  8. Ingame Username: Hc Regis / Fe Regis / Relux Forum Username: Regis How old are you? 21 What is your current location? United States Have you ever been blocked from the wiki? No Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki? If so, provide what you did. N/A Create a brief introduction about yourself. Hello. My name is Thomas, and I'm your resident fully functional insomniac. You can find me camping penguins for clue scrolls while i try and finish my drop log! Commonly seen answering questions in the help cc, I've always enjoyed helping others as quickly and as accurately as possible. I want to be able to direct more players to the wiki as a plentiful source of information, and help fill in those holes which do exist. Above all else, I want to make sure everything about Dreamscape is in the best shape it possibly can be! What are some of your strengths/weaknesses? I'm a perfectionist, take that as you will. I'm extremely committed to any task that i'm put on, and tend to not want to bounce between things. My biggest weakness would have to be my time management. At times i dedicate too much or too little time to a specific project, which can be tied back into my perfectionist tendencies. What is your best moment with Dreamscape? Winning a MG on my Ironman, effectively allowing me to jump straight into the mid-game as opposed to camping clues for the rest of eternity.
  9. What's the current issue? The instance manager point system is extremely limiting to Ironman progression.What's your suggested way of fixing it? The Following Suggested Changes: Invictus weaponry: Reduce Current cost (10,000 Points) By 50% to make invictus warrior tasks accessible earlier rather than a forced skip until the weapons are obtained. Boxing Gloves: Reduce current cost (50,000) by 15,000 points. The gloves are best in slot for ironmen until they are able to acquire gloves via loyalty points. At 50,000, a ironman would earned nearly enough loyalty points to get the BiS gloves before they get one pair of boxing glvoes. American Torva / American Pernix Sets : No change advocated for, but you could reduce the price as most ironmen get their sets via clues now and they are seldom bought. Also, add american virtus to the shop if you are going to keep all three so there is an alternative to clues for ironmen seeking their mage armor. Dragonbone u Set: Remove from the shop, seems out of place. Add assault rifle or inga swords in it's place. Icy Offhand: Decrease cost (5000) to 3000 to make it more accessible and more worth farming for upgrades. Silver Space Sword / Space Jam No change. Potentially add Space Jam (U) for 12000 Points as a viable path beyond upgrading. Super Mystery and Invictus Boxes: Reduce cost by 50% to make them potentially worth buying. Right now they aren't. 1b checks: allow 1:1 points to 1b check as opposed to 250:1. There isn't a reason for the cost to be that steep considering the existence of diglet as a boss. Dreamwing Boots: Decrease cost from 5000 to 2500 to make them accessible. Consider removing sponsor and exec access to the manager. Should sponsor zone become instanced, there is very little reason for those players to even use the portal, and much less profit from it given the current prices, updated prices, or the time commitment required to buy the items. How will this benefit player/server? These changes will help bridge ironmen from early game to mid/end game without forcing them to dedicate play times that greatly exceed that of normal players working through the same phase of the game. I don't think they should be equal, but right now the gap is extreme. How could this be expanded in future: As more content is released, the items in the shops could potentially change so that ironmen are able to remain current without having to fight over new npc spots. This is not super important as the goal of the suggestion is bridging the early game, not giving ironmen an unfair advantage when accessing new content. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) If sponsor/execs retain access: Some concerns about market shifts in some items, but the time commitment is still long enough to dissuade non-irons from camping the manager to make money. if sponsor/execs lose access: none. its ironman.
  10. regis

    Took a minute for it to load on mobile but it was worth the wait! Very nice work
  11. regis

    Thanks for the event, there were some funny ones in there!
  12. regis

    While I agree with a lot of what you said, here's some food for thought. ( This is gonna be a big ramble so stick with me. The new NPCs being coded in with juicy new drops (potentially OP items) don't NEED to be available to sponsor+. While it would seem that there is somewhat of an entitlement complex going on among people with those ranks, it simply doesn't make sense from a growth standpoint to allow those NPCs to be one shot in the first place. I'm not saying they should never be available, just simply not on release. Allowing sponsor + access to new content via their capes immediately upon release devalues the time and effort devs put into designing new content for the general population of the server. If cape owners don't agree with this, I suggest a simple solution. Give sponsor + access and the ability to one shot the new NPCs on release, but give them a 100 kc daily max for at least 3 weeks using their capes (they would still be able to kill the content as a member of the general population for more KC outside of their limit). This would ensure that sponsor + get some use out of their capes, while still maintaining the balance of luck and new content for the entirety of the server. Donation incentives haven't changed since my last break , and its tough to come back to a donation shop identical to how you left it. That being said, I don't necessarily see this as a problem, as the devs can continue to pump out unique and overpowered items for large amounts of money which somebody will inevitably pay for. The problem I see with the server is that there is no real viable way for players to take an "ironman" approach to playing the game without donating. I think the server can be realistically successful if there were methods in place for players to reach mid/end game level items and gear without spending a penny on the game, and leaving the extreme end game and OP items as either extremely rare drops, massive time commitments, or large monetary commitments via donation. By having such a large gap between the items which are obtainable via playing without donations, and those which can be bought, we are alienating a lot of new players. When the answer to the question "how do I make money", in the help cc is always met with clues first, then a close second and third between revs and donate, the server has an early game economic problem. For a player without decent gear, getting the 100t minimum to even attempt diglet to make cash seems to be a moon away, let alone getting enough money to purchase a collector's necklace to make the boss even easier. Some may say that those players can just camp revs for their necklace. Now we've taken a new player, with no money to their name, and told them to go fight over spots in the revenant caves in order to reach an EARLY GAME money maker. That is an alienating way to approach new players, and a irresponsible neglect in the challenge in growing the server. Would it be more efficient to foster a pleasurable early game play environment in order to spur the incentives of donation? Why are we going after the pocket books of players straight out of the gate instead of letting them get involved with the server and the community. We are shooting ourselves in the foot before we even give new players a chance. T.L.D.R. Sponsor + shouldn't be entitled to unlimited access to new NPCs Donation incentives VS game play attainable content is too wide of a gap The gap between new player - early game - mid game - end game are often too difficult to bridge without donating (which is kinda the point, isn't it.) We are inflicinting damage upon our own chances at growing by focusing on new and even more exlcusive donation and end game content, rather than fixing the early dreamscape experience for players. MISSING : a big rant about ironman mode and it's shortcomings, but I don't believe that the issue has a place on this thread
  13. regis

    Or make it so all the monsters currently in OC zone can be one it. I don't think giving them the ability 1 shot new npcs for new content is the best idea.