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  1. regis

    There is a set that is obtainable via boxes which is better than the space virtus set, being the Obisdian virtus set. Maybe allow the space virtus to be upgraded via the ::upgrade chest to obsidian at a hard or dream rate so that sets can leave the eco and a market for the true BIS mage armor can pop up
  2. regis

    Current items seem to meet a fairly specific criteria: Large item quantity on the server relatively low usefulness Relatively low prices overall and outside of the drygore off-hand selling for 1 Ds coin, the items are not able to be used on the upgrade chest. I believe this is an intended design element allowing players to use those items which previously had no other use for coins, but not removing the usefulness of the upgrade chest as a method to train scavenger. Adding these items would increase the amount of raw currency entering the game, as many players don't understand the scavenger skill and upgrade system, and simply would prefer to have the raw currency. While it sounds great for all players, more money is good to you, it would have a negative impact upon prices throughout the game. Neutral until list is void of upgrade items.
  3. I texted my ex and she didn't block me. Thats what we call an epic gamer move.

  4. regis

    *checks pocket book* nope can't pay enough for those damage numbers, better luck next pay cycle dreamers. Jokes aside its like 85k usually with bfgs.
  5. Vaider is Friend Not Foe


  6. Thin skin thin skin

  7. "my wallet is big look at all my max donor ranks" might be the weakest comeback of all time XD
  8. With all the perks and you still cry from one bad month...Plat Entitlement is crazy man.
  9. regis

    That would solve it, yes
  10. regis

    On the fence, the price seems too low, and although not a super large part of gameplay it would severely devalue the 120/150/2b exp grinds that some players choose to work towards. Having 150 skills on hardcore takes time
  11. regis

    I like the changes to the cosmetic drops, but I don't like increasing the number of coins dropped. Although it isn't currently farmed, it would still link to the pattern of too much currency entering the game without an efficient number of ways to remove it.
  12. regis

    For future suggestions, I recommend using the suggested formats here for clear articulation of your ideas: The weapons are already strong, and were released fairly recently. I don't think adding totems to them now would do anything other than inflate the price.
  13. regis

    I think the location is fine, potentially just add a different tele to the spot other than the command. Cost wise I think you can tackle two birds with one stone: Lower the cost for the normal entry with single target, it's too high for that level of commitment. Create a second option for at least 2x the normal entry for an instanced, multi-area combat room. This would give players an option on to pay more for more kills/hr or not.

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