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  1. regis

    If those advertisers are suddenly bad at their job, but were one of the first three people to react, do they still deserve prizes? It was my impression that the prizes went to the best advertisers, not necessarily the people who were advertising for the longest amount of time for the event. seems like a lot of work to try an organize something relatively trivial.
  2. regis

    hard to support as it sounds like you are trying to add yet another end game set to an already crowded gear list at the top end. If the set was focused on a specific stat/was a mid tier set that filled an existing hole that would be fine, but making every reward and end game reward destroys the early and mid game experience for newer players.
  3. regis

    While I agree they can be confusing, simply using the search function in the bank solves this pretty quickly. Also, who needs all 31 auras in their bank at the same time, ideally you'd either have only the infinity aura, or t3 of the damage auras and 1 of each of the others.
  4. regis

    Very simple QoL that doesn’t hurt anything. Big vouch.
  5. regis

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? There are certain daily tasks which are difficult to complete due to the fact that skilling isn't actively used on the server, such as the various cooking challenges.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Add a shop which holds skilling items required for daily tasks so players aren't forced into extremely long pvm grinds to finish tasks.How will this benefit player/server? More people will feel comfortable completing daily tasks in a timely manner so they don't inhibit gameplay.How could this be expanded in future? Less on the skilling side, but change the daily task reward from achievement points to daily task points and implement a shop which uses those points.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) People get 99 cooking without lamps easier?
  6. regis

    While I like the suggestion, i think it would be better if the shop was allowed to cover some rng protection, especially for ironmen. For example, say you have killed 6000 diablo and have only received 2 helms. Instead of the second rotting in your bank, why not make it possible to sell the helm to the raids shop for max 1/2 of the price of the item, so you can effectively cut the grinding time in half for a specific piece rather than having a light at the end of a very long tunnel. Anyway, cool idea.
  7. regis

    Tracking down the daily rewards, I'll get them updated on the wiki whenever I get the completed lists from the staff team. Thanks for pointing it out!
  8. regis

    1. Would be dependent on prizes. 2. The stat boost goes from +750 for tribrid infernal to +1200 for hell cape. That seems like a worthy boost considering the purple dragon. 3. Minigames are only really played on the server during event, so again would be highly dependent on prizes. 4. I assume this is for the hellhounds to get skotizo keys, which is needed. 5. Sure on the qol of purple chest, unsure on buffing drop rates for expensive items. 6. This has been the newest in a stream of "buff skilling" suggestions that doesn't lay out a plan for how this would be implemented. Saying that it needs to be buffed is one thing, but come with an idea on how it should be done. 7. We currently have the daily task system, are you suggesting a new system on top of that or a rework of that system? 8. A lot of the bosses that nobody kills are either outdated or have drop rate/kills per hour that are too slow to make them effective to camp. The global drops of infinity keys, xebos invites, and mimic kill tickets help break up the monotony of killing high drop rate bosses, but they scale with kills per hour. I don't think adding additional drop chances for those items would make the bosses any more camped, as it would presumably still be more money to camp any boss/monster you can kill faster. Generally some good ideas, but a lot of things which need to be fleshed out. Maybe consider creating mock-ups of what you would like to see for each suggestion using the template so we can get a better picture of what you are going for. https://dreamscape317.net/forum/index.php?/topic/22465-suggestion-outlines-read-before-posting/
  9. regis

    "can only obtain" is a rough one. Charged gauntlets are obtainable without donating through farming the avengers arcade. Bfgs can be obtained through the upgrade system. Its not that the items are unobtainable, but that the items are extremely difficult to obtain. I don't agree that the best way to remedy ironman end game gearing difficulties is to simply add the items to a shop. In my opinion, the gamemode should always be linked to some sort of grind and achievement structure as opposed to a "once i have enough cash i can buy this endgame item". That mentality begins to treat ironmen as mains which is against the spirit of the gamemode. Rather than adding a flat end goal, I think it would work out better if they added some bad luck mitigation in other areas of the game for ironmen. Systems like the raids shop allow you to buy pieces of the armor sets after going extremely dry or getting too many duplicates. You can consider adding similar systems for other sources of end-game gearing such as: a avenger's arcade shop that would fuction in the same way as the raids shop. Ironman upgrade paths that allow for easier transition throughout the early-mid-late game. For example creating an upgrade path all the way from glock-bfg so that irons can have something to grind without thinking that they need to donate to get the items. Another option that I'm less of a fan of would be to drop rate protection. Look at the avengers arcade, say you only get a stone every 150 runs, but there's a chance that you'll get the same stone as you did last time. A system could be implemented where every 150 KC you are guaranteed a roll on a table for either a specific stone based on kc, the gauntlet, or the thanos pet. This way while grinding out stones you can know that at 150, 300, 450, 600 etc. you have a chance to make additional progress you otherwise would have had to be even luckier to make. The issue you will always face with options that aren't the ironman gear shop idea is that you also need to balance around how non-irons will interact with the changes. While I'm in support of qol for iron, we also have to consider that qol for iron may make the prices of items on the eco crash severely on the main side. if its possible to make changes that only impact ironmen then thats great, but where do we draw the line between server wide qol, and ironmen exclusive qol.
  10. Guess I've got the rona.


  11. regis

    Games shouldn't be balanced around ironmen. The game mode is supposed to be difficult. At the moment you get a bis armor set very early on which essentially allows the gamemode to skip any extremely painful grinds through what should be the mid game of an ironman account. I'm more in favor of making ironmen work harder for their progress than simply saying, "we can't nerf it because ironmen will have change their strategy.".
  12. regis

    ::prices on release showed an average price of an item after a certain number of sales. It isn't a great way to do it, but it's also far from being as bad as many say. You can also use the new market features to see recent sales of specific items.
  13. regis

    My testing has it at 90 * current level on hardcore, but that is only consistent at 99+. I can't figure out the lower level scaling due to not having a large number of lamps
  14. regis

    I messed it up it scales weird. Dev team help 😞 Edited Sorry.
  15. regis

    The high slayer level requirements + the reasonable gear check to make the boss consistent money might keep it out of the easy tier, but it can be discussed

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