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  1. regis

    Removing Miniboss tasks: They are annoying, but you can use the ladder in the miniboss area to expedite the process. Make the skip free: Giving tasks exceptions on skip cost will just create expectations that other tasks can get exceptions as well (next complaints would be...dag kings, oblivion dragons, non-1 hit corp, and go on and on.) Skip cost reduction: Having the price set at 100k creates a cash sink for those players who are unwilling to camp the beginner tasks for points. Those tasks take barely any time to complete, allowing you to amass plenty of skips quickly. Lowering the price would only serve the purpose of making lazy players even lazier. Overall, I dislike the miniboss tasks. In my opinion, there are enough options in their current state to make the task manageable or avoidable. Creating caveats for the task would serve no general good. If enough people dislike the task, remove it.
  2. regis

    Support for fashion scape and scav point sinks
  3. No support as most of them can be sold to scavenger shop already, and adding more trade-ables to the exec/plat shops could become unbalanced.
  4. regis

    A lot of really interesting things here. Tank: Tank drops should be fixed to ds coins to make it even worth doing beyond grenades. Chaos Ele: That seems more like a your personal luck issue than a "i can't believe i haven't gotten the pet yet". groudon: Groudon has trix armor on his drop table i believe, haven't done enough in instance on iron to know if it drops through the instance. Worth checking. New bosses to the instance: Sure, update the list to include more relevant content. Point about donations: It's your choice to play without donations. There are other ways to get gear on iron-man. Farming arcade for dynamic boxes for the chances at the rewards. Camping revs for tactical boxes for those rewards. The raids now drop dream armors, and through sire you can upgrade them. Best in slot mage is available through raids. The infinity gauntlet is technically farm-able. There is a difference between content being locked to iron-men and it being difficult. If you are unwilling to donate and unwilling to grind through difficult content, then I'm not sure what your motivation is. Instance manager fix: I made this post a few months ago, and it seems lost to the accepted suggestions forum. But I fully support revamping the shop. Iron man is meant to be difficult. Expecting it not to be is simply not buying into the spirit of the game mode. Sure, some players cheat the mode by donating, but there are other paths to gearing which could make individual goals much more satisfying.
  5. regis

    Bg sudden death: Something would need to be done about rng in chests. If there's only five of you, you don't get more chests, and you get the worst setup, that won't be very fun to play bg private: not a bad idea, but not super important to allocate dev time bg maps: add more variety to the game, would make it more interesting ::dab ::tpose: fun, not worth dev time. towlie pet: Needs relevant stat placement to be used at all, otherwise becomes junk like all the other cosmetic pets buy offers: while ge systems are great, its very difficult to code and manage them. Cool idea, may be difficult to implement. 25k warning: Opposed. There's a lot of price tricks people try and pull on low volume trade items. If you don't want to end up spending a ton of money, this warning is nice to have. t1 treasure hunter chest fixed: Donation incentive system, see no problem or reason to fix it. miniboss task: great QOL, support. one ds coin in the inf chest: support, but not if the reward is a gold ds coin (1m) or 500k. That would out class tons of the current common rewards in an instant. More in favor of 20-50k range so you at least get the money for the key back / make a little bit. make a wish: cool idea, would need tons of rules / boundaries / further explanation. Pretty ambitious event, and i'm not necessarily in favor of giving out plat rank for "free", even though thats just an example. Without the rank incentive this sounds like a re-skin of the immortal stone fragment event.
  6. regis

    In the most recent update!
  7. regis

    ApplicationForum Username: Regis Rank Requesting: Veteran Amount of Months since user joined Forums: 12 + 7 days at time of posting Screenshot of Veteran achievement on Forums for confirmation:
  8. regis

    Here is the original announcement
  9. regis

    Glad to see your life is beginning to take off. Hope the real world treats you well! Looking forward to all the great content you can push out!
  10. 1. New Beginner content 2. new beginner gear and weapons 3. New end game gear and weapons. 4. New Donator Content 5. Revamping Old content 6. New bosses 7. New raids 8. New skills 9. Quests 10. New mini-games
  11. regis

    Would make advertising and community expectations much easier 100% support!
  12. Create a ticket at this link: and staff will get to you.
  13. My issue is more in line with the cash not leaving the econonmy causing soaring prices.
  14. I think it can happen regularly, as long as we define regularly as something that isn't something like more than twice a day. If we have one item per 24 hours, the amount of items entering the game vs the amount of cash leaving wouldn't disrupt donations too much. Low odds plus low chance will get some, but not all. I agree that timezone are an issue, I'm also leaning towards a 24 hour window per lottery to ensure all timezone have a shot at entering. Thanks for the feedback!
  15. What are the current issues: The item lottery system (not grand lottery) is underused and poorly designed. There is a excess of currency within the game, which can be reflected in the ballooning in-game donation price, as well as the soaring prices for highly desirable items. How can we potentially fix them? Re-designing the item lottery system to prioritize entry rather than being a rare event put on by staff. This re-design would serve as a cash sink rather than a rare event, as the game is in need of more cash sinks. Basic concept Lower the cost of entry for any item put within the item lottery. This would allow more players to access the chance at a highly desirable item. Make the number of entries unlimited, not capped. This will create a system where players with a high amount of wealth can enter many times, removing more currency, for desirable items, and poor players can have the chance at sniping the item at a low percentage chance. If there must be some way of capping the entries, I propose the following: Have a scaling entry costs based on the number of entries. Players who are around when entries open can get in for a low price, but when more and more players enter, the cost can rise. This would allow early bird discounts for players looking to get a good item and allows wealthy players to double down on their bets if they can afford it. I am opposed to a time-based system and lean more towards individual rising entry costs. The more you enter, the higher the cost of entry for you personally. Only stock the lottery with items that are untradeable This is useful considering drax’s recent post (linked at the bottom of the suggestion) The high desirability of the items that are becoming untradeable will create demand. Have many items rotating through the lottery at one time. This means that players can either go for items that are currently available, or wait until something want comes up, no more waiting for staff members to add something once a week. Have different items require different starting entry costs. I don’t expect the entry cost for a bfg to be the same as an emperor’s necklace. How will this benefit the player/server? By allowing unlimited entries based upon available funds, the lottery creates a cash sink. Poorer and financially limited players can have a shot at highly valued donation items. How can this be expanded in the future: More items can be put into or taken out of rotation. You could potentially run lotteries for different player ranks, creating incentives to donate for or purchase rank tickets. What negative effects could this have? By making these highly desirable donation items available without donating, you may create an atmosphere where nobody wants to donate for those items, choosing to play the lottery instead. Rich players may dominate the drawings for the items, leaving poor players poorer than they had been before. If it doesn’t gain traction, it won’t be used, and the system will be useless in combating inflation issues. Rebuttals to negative effects: As Drax stated within his thread (posted below), the staff team are being encouraged to offer more lucrative goodie-bag deals, which could potentially contain these high valued items. While it may cut down on donations for the specific items, I believe that given the correct deals, donations will remain strong. This is the point. For rich players to dominate, they will need to enter enough to have a large percentage of the drawing in their favor, removing more wealth from the game. With proper entry price management and a lucrative reward system, I don’t believe there is a world where the chance at highly desirable items will be passed up on. Drax’s Post: Looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks! I’ll do my best to try and respond if I think I can. Thanks - Regis