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  1. regis

    KC based barriers to entry seem kind of useless considering current gear tiers. other than the desire to clear bosses more quickly, this doesn’t seem to add anything to the game. depopulating player areas in favor for private instances destroys community (glances at rs3) Economy argument: gear power and drop rate buffs will make the drop eco risky extremely quickly. Giving this content for free (after kc had been met I guess) does nothing to remove excess wealth entering the game. The instance portal for iron and sponsors has a cost associated with use, and while it’s low and somewhat pointless to irons, there is at least a mechanism in place to ensure at least some balance. A proposed dungeon, locked behind 0 gp but KC, that gets progressively easier through more KC without a cost other than time will crash the value of drops. Neutral, significant changes needed
  2. regis

    I believe that they expanded upon the items that can be sold to the scavenger shop in a recent update (corp pets an quantums i think) but it would be nice to see more untradeables be added. Support.
  3. considering max and comp are more novelty capes as opposed to BiS, there doesn't seem a reason to make them easier to get. No support.
  4. regis

    Consistency Support.
  5. regis

    While it is reasonable to expect new bosses to be included within the Soul system, I do not think having them drop souls on release is a great idea, as the soul system would cause an influx of new drops coming into the game, and limit the hype around attaining these new, and usually BiS for a specific style, drops. A happy medium can be found surrounding a time between release and when boss souls begin dropping. This would allow a time period for the hype around new content to die down, and when less of the boss is being camped simply due to it being new content, souls can be introduced to help bolster the money making / items coming into the game via the drops. And yea, Am'orth should have souls by now, they've been out long enough.
  6. regis

    Shops idea (Not a full suggestion): Support Notes button: Support Sure, makes shops more useful. Quest System: No support There shouldn't be a way for a non-ironman account to suddenly become an iron. That devalues the achievements which ironmen have reached. Unless its a full account wipe (literally sending the account back to day one upon choosing to switch to iron). Pk idea (not really a full suggestion): No support w/o complete suggestion Sure, but what would you really be "risking"? DXP ring is untradeable, so all they would get would be your skilling supplies? Those are useless anyway. All that would happen would be people skilling then complaining over yell that someone is pking them, the pker says its the wildy, the skiller says theres no monetary gain so why pk, and the argument continues. Mbox idea (nrafs): No support w/o complete suggestion Mboxes are currently the best early game money making, and balancing them to maintain that would be difficult. While they should be better rewards, removing the money making method in favor of an RNG fest seems counterproductive to early game progression Raids: no support Should they be harder? Sure. Should a rare drop be guaranteed? No, the fact that they are rare is what makes raids profitable. Allowing for a constant flow of rare items, despite increasing the difficulty would crash raid prices. Gear Viewer: support? wasn't aware that this was really an issue. Ability to buy sof spins: neutral Why would they need to be buyable? The rewards don't seem like they would justify the cost. Prestige shop: support w/ a full idea needed. Would be great to see you flesh out some of these ideas into full suggestions, listing problems that you see isn't really a way to make changes happen.
  7. regis

    Ultimate dream katana?
  8. regis

    Adding more bosses to oc zone to be one hit after upgrading exec zone devalues the exec zone update. neutral
  9. regis

    IGN: HC Regis Rank: Extreme (+ two super accounts cause memes) Suggestions: 1. Lamps: Almost daily there seems to be questions about when the "fix" for lamps will be implemented, as if the fact that lamps was purposefully nerfed was missed. While I am completely in favor of the lamps current state over their previous, it could be nice to add a scaling multiplier to the experience gained from the lamps, on top of the level multiplier, based upon donation rank. Nothing overpowered, but potentially 2x reg, 3x, super, 4x extreme, 6x Sponsor, and 8x Executive, and 10x+ for plat could potentially help revitalize the lamps, as well as a further incentive for moving up ranks. 2. Expanding Super / extreme zones: the current bosses available at each zone are only marginally useful. Potentially add some lower end bosses to a new multi-combat area for extreme + (not overpowered, limit to low end bosses. More as a way to get fast kc rather than having to click one at a time at normal spots). 3. Rank based Double Drop Rate boosts. Giving rank based drop rate alone is overpowered, but i think giving bonus double drop rate without the drop rate would be a nice touch (2% per rank, and +10 at executive)
  10. An insane amount of KC is somewhat irrelevant considering the capes are tradeable.
  11. regis

    Seems interesting. why the price jump from 1-5t for a weapon to 5q for an armor? I don’t think an armor would be necessary if we are treating this like invictus, and 5q is steep.
  12. regis

    To make money from ::mbox you shouldn’t be opening the boxes, but selling them. bracelts of ethereum can be bought on ::market, not just wildly points. there is an early game - mid game gap, but pointing out that gap isn’t a suggestion on how to fix it.
  13. regis

    Only if there are different tiers like ::upgrade, where the more op items have a lesser chance at doubling than something like a royal sicle. That way it actually benefits the eco.
  14. regis

    The 40 min per task can be pretty easily dropped by using floor jumping instead of waiting for spawns but that doesn't change the fact the spawn timer is dumb support +1
  15. Comp account name : Comp Regis Thanks and Gl all