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  1.  Might work on getting my acc's back on.

  2. remember me haha?


  3. "Don't Cry" Rip X, this song gave me hella goosebumps tho.. Check it out

  4. Gainz

    Best of luck mate! Any questions just pm me in-game lad! IGN : GAINZ
  5. Gainz

    OG OG
  6. Gainz

    My meme wasn't appreciated enough! Issa legendary one, even if I say so myself ;)! hehe
  7. Gainz

    Good luck everyone!
  8. Gainz

    I support this, Although giving TD's and Legacy hosts more commands is quite tough to even get through. But then again.. The turkey / Helicopter pets are just enormous.. I'd like a pet-free dicezone OR a command/option for TD+ to pick up the pet as you say, much like how the higher ups get "rid" of pets at events. This way, There's only a select few that can do it, hence no abuse (i'll take care of the TD's and this command being properly used, if need be.) Annddd this means that some people who are just standing there can still have their pets out. Right now all I can do is ::forcehome if someone's in the way. But if there's a pet in the way I have to ask to pick it up. 9/10 they do, but there's a few stubborn ones, as with everything. Anywho! Support!
  9. Use this, [ img ] https://i.imgur. com/UdCYYvw. jpg [/ img ] (Remove spaces afterwards) (there's also a space between . and com & . and jpg in the link fyi.
  10. Happy Holidays!! -IGN: GAINZ
  11. Issa my Bdayy :') Twennie one

    1. BlackheartV2


      Happy Birthday Man!!!!!

      Don't Party too hard #21

    2. Gainz


      Work tomorrow so yaaaa ?

    3. BlackheartV2
  12. I love this! Thanks for making the guide, andd putting in all the time/effort! I'll be using these to rebuild

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