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  1. remember me haha?


  2. Gainz

    I have to agree with cylor, filth,... no major commands, personally i wouldn't give em any extra :: commands, but a rank specific to the forum mods, would be cool and helpful, as they'll be noticed more by newer players, and then able to easily redirect them to the appropriate posts/wiki ,... but yeah definitely no in-game bonuses, as they're forum moderators, if they wished any they'd apply for a helper rank.
  3. Gainz

    No vouch, Reason being that you've replied to another contestant for the same rank, which is in violation with the TD rules (Rule #11). TD rules, please see Rule #11: And as your application is still 'active', this can lead to an immediate decline of your application, but that's not a call for me to make. Take notice though, for any future applications.
  4. "Don't Cry" Rip X, this song gave me hella goosebumps tho.. Check it out

  5. Gainz

    Best of luck mate! Any questions just pm me in-game lad! IGN : GAINZ
  6. i like turtles.

    1. HC Kai

      HC Kai


  7. Gainz

    It's pretty clear what's been said by the people before me. No vouch and actually request to close the application due to not filling in the format properly and not replying to your own application. So hence breaking a rule and showing 0 effort whatsoever. big NO VOUCH.
  8. Gainz

    Vouch Been gambling alongside you for a little while now and I feel asif you could make a great TD. You're active, helpful, mature in a way that you'd need to be as a TD (handling a sore loser, someone who flames, ...). With all these positives, I have to give you 1 pointer,something to work on, and that is to not chuck your bank when on a losing streak. It can cause you to get cleaned really easily, and the TD luck sucks ;)! All jokes aside, you're a great applicant and I can't wait to see more of you! The best of luck, Gainz
  9. Gainz

    OG OG
  10. Gainz

    My meme wasn't appreciated enough! Issa legendary one, even if I say so myself ;)! hehe
  11. Gainz

    Good luck everyone!
  12. Gainz

    I support this, Although giving TD's and Legacy hosts more commands is quite tough to even get through. But then again.. The turkey / Helicopter pets are just enormous.. I'd like a pet-free dicezone OR a command/option for TD+ to pick up the pet as you say, much like how the higher ups get "rid" of pets at events. This way, There's only a select few that can do it, hence no abuse (i'll take care of the TD's and this command being properly used, if need be.) Annddd this means that some people who are just standing there can still have their pets out. Right now all I can do is ::forcehome if someone's in the way. But if there's a pet in the way I have to ask to pick it up. 9/10 they do, but there's a few stubborn ones, as with everything. Anywho! Support!
  13. Gainz

    Aaaand done. Sore fingers but worth it!
  14. Use this, [ img ] https://i.imgur. com/UdCYYvw. jpg [/ img ] (Remove spaces afterwards) (there's also a space between . and com & . and jpg in the link fyi.