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  1. Gainz

    Belgium aswell? I'm from Antwerp myself
  2. I despise FULL-SCREEN haha, that's why I don't do it, I use Camtasia8 for recording and editing purposes. The music is a standard 13% volume, but it was late at night so i shouldve put it at 8-9%. Thanks for being so sharp as to recognize these small flaws
  3. Gainz

    What did Yoda say to Anakin on Anakin's wedding day? . . . . May DIVORCE be with you!!!
  4. Gainz

    Which Yoda was here first? You or the pet..?
  5. Gainz

    this is dope!
  6. Wassup

    1. Bellatrix
    2. ChilladinYT



  7. Gz to my boy bowwow on getting MOTM.

    Might make an appearance again soon. rn it's fortnite 24/7

    1. Blueoptic


      You play console or pc?

  8. Gainz

    AMAZING work!! I love this, A+ for the effort!
  9. Gainz

    Nice tabs lad! keep the grind going!
  10. Gainz

    I've no clue how I've earned best Pk'er / Most respected non staff member xD! Huge thanks to everyone who voted!
  11. Gainz

    Searwen has been banned for letting noone hit on her. (Had to quickly think of something since searwen beat me to it. I responded to papers )
  12. Nice video, love seeing new content creators! Keem 'em up.
  13. Gainz

    The best of luck to each and every participant! My money is on @xzemoz itsonlya Don't let me down :D