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  1. Slicin

    Congrats ? !!!
  2. What is the content called? Hall of Fame within the dicezoneHow does it work? It works by putting up a board or maybe an npc you talk to and she prompts and window you can open and it tells you all of the biggest pots in the history of Dreamscape, You can also add the biggest pots of the week. What rewards does it give? Just for now it won't give any rewards or incentives, It'll just be recognition of you're name in a hall of fame for the top 5 or top 10 biggest pots ever held in dreamscape, You can also do a weekly top 10 or top 5 biggest pots. It's not anything that can give you bonuses or an edge over other players it's purely for entertainment and curiosity purposes only for others within the communityHow will it benefit server/players? Basically it won't effective or benefit the players on the server in an eco point of view but it will give players a little curiosity to see who has actually won the biggest pot and what kind of heights the gambling pots have reachedHow could it be expanded in the future? Within the future you could expand it to make a point system that being 'Dice Points' Dice points can be an untradeable currency that you get given if you have your name is on the weekly top 5 or top 10 board by the end of the week. With these 'Dice Points' You can buy cosmetic items and other interesting collectors items, but for now i'm not suggestion that. Ill make another post down the track just specifically for that!What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) This hall of fame system for the very will have NO negative effects as it's purely just entertainment purposes and doesn't add anything into the game but if the dice points where implemented it possibly won't have any negative effects either as I said above the points will become untradeable therefor everything in the dice points shop will be completely untradeable too just for the looks and the fashionscape although this is a very rough idea in my head so it's not all thought out properly but. OVER ALL! VOTE YES FOR HALL OF FAME TO SPICE UP THE DICEZONE A LITTLE BIT ? IT'LL MAKE IT MORE INTERESTING AND YOU CAN SUPPRESS YOUR CURIOSITY OF WHO HAS WON THE BIGGEST POT IN THE HISTORY OF DREAMSCAPE!
  3. Slicin

  4. Slicin

    177, so close yet so far
  5. Slicin


    HELLO OMA TORVA JR I've never seen you in game before hope to see you one day :DDD
  6. Slicin

    Hello and Welcome Lord!! This server is awesome and the community is very helpful. Hope to see you within the game ?
  7. Slicin

    Very fast and awesome work 100% go through king for all your GFX designs Edit; Beethoven is still my #1 GFX (Sorry king)
  8. Slicin

    Wicked stuff bro ? Thanks for the avatar and sig
  9. Slicin

    I can't comment on this at all because I don't pvm that much and nor am I an iron man but, I feel a revamp of some of the drops would be a good idea. Suggest your ideas and a staff will get round to it eventually
  10. Slicin

    Welcome bro ? I'll be glad to see you around the forums and in game ?
  11. Vaider you really did well with this ?
  12. Slicin

    Might as well pop in and say hey
  13. Slicin

    Wiki is getting 100X better ?
  14. Slicin

    wooo Trusted Dicer ?

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