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  1. lewis99300

    I have spent around 1200 hours on this game, still as broke as when I started but it's a good time
  2. lewis99300

    Eggy and didy started from the beggining as well, i'm sure if you stick to it you'll have just as much impact as them, just do the videos you like if that may be opening boxes, doing pvm videos, doing a series maybe trying to reach a goal etc.... Best of luck to you
  3. lewis99300

    Golden miniguns aren't worth that much anymore, a lot of accounts got wiped not too long ago but I would make a support ticket just incase anything can be done
  4. Update time!!!!! Great work from the dev team
  5. lewis99300

    Welcome back hater! Glad to have you here if you have any questions feel free to pm me anytime and I hope you enjoy your stay
  6. lewis99300

    Ofc the unique pvming and our development team is working hard to bring more! Keep your eye out and have fun everyone
  7. lewis99300

    What keeps me going on the server is the people, I love helping people how about yourself?
  8. lewis99300

    Great guide! it's helping a lot of people
  9. lewis99300

    No vouch would probably make potion of aggresion less useful as well
  10. lewis99300

    Welcome back! we've had lots of changes, i'm glad to have you here and i hope you enjoy your stay with us
  11. lewis99300

    Welcome K dog! Glad to have you here if you need anything, feel free to pm me ingame and i'm sure i'll be able to help you out
  12. lewis99300

    Easy decision, Kfc, but it depends, some kfc's are run poorly but if you go to the right one that stuff is fuel
  13. lewis99300

    Great work coffee!! keep it up my man
  14. lewis99300

    Congrats to everyone who won! Great work this month
  15. lewis99300

    well done @Gene great work!

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