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  1. Dixiedew

    Yozza, i'm executive IGN: Dixiedew 1. should add more mobs to executive zone so we have more choice then just 3 kills. 2. an Infinite prayer command would be sweet but also OP. 3. Executive Custom Gear as a cosmetic, obtainable via the executive store. 4. Improve executive raids by giving more loot per instance, as you're killing more bosses, it's quicker and easier to kill normal raids. 5. Have a potion or command that increases all combat stats for an hour (maybe to 150) or something along those lines. 6. To get executive points for completing raids should be a decent amount considering they're raid bosses. 7. In Addition to adding more variety of monsters to executive zone, it would be cool to have more numbers of ea, and have them group together rather then spread out in halfa cube style.
  2. New video released today go check it out!


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