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  1. pwpwpw2

    What is the content called? An iron man exclusive upgrade chest, that makes certain things in the store obtainable by another way then donating. How does it work? It work the exact same way current upgrade chests works. But it would be exclusive for iron man players. What rewards does it give? The main item that made me think of this suggestion, is perfect enchantment stones. There is no ways for an iron man to get perfect enchantment stones by something else then donating. So there is no way for an iron man to try to upgrade something without having a chance to break the item, exept by donating. How will it benefit server/players? It would be an amazing feature for iron mans that don't want to donate. How could it be expanded in the future? Adding items that would make iron mans able to get things from the donator store, without donating. Plus it would not impact the eco, since iron man can't use POS or trade anybody. What negative effect could this have? The eco could not be changing, since it would be iron-man exclusive, means it cant be traded/sold and go in the actual Eco. Let me know what you think about this. Regards, Frank
  2. pwpwpw2

    Revamp the prices of items overall in the ::shops NPCs What's the current issue? Currently, the price of certain items makes absolutely no sense for how much those items go for in the market. I feel like it would be completely logic to simply re-arrange the whole price list for those shops... Vote point shop, Raid reward points shop, PKP shop(revs shop), Donator point shops. Another way to see it : 1 vote ticket sell for approximatly 200k-250k. Necro sells for approximatly 15m. So 15 000 000 / 250 000 = 60 vote tickets for necro jr. and so on for all other items. What's your suggested way of fixing it? Remaking the prices of all the items that are in them. Exemple, in the vote point shop, it makes no sense that Necromancer JR is 125 points and sells for 15m ish, while AK47 asiimov sell for 150 points and sells for 35m-40m. And collector necklace sells for 30 points and sells for 9m. In other words, make them equal the same value for all items. How will this benefit player/server? It would kinda help iron man get things that are supposely cheaper for normal players, and balance the items price equally from cheapest to most expensive according to its worth in ds coins. How could this be expanded in future? More items could be added with prices easier setted to it. What negative effect could this have? ??? hit me up with negative. Basicly most of the items in those shops are low-tier or mid-tier items. Would make the lower-gear tier quickly done. If players like the idea, I could make a price list of all items in there. Regards, Frank PS. can you add the magegray totem somewhere else then a drop from magegray only. Its a PAAAAIIINNN for iron man to get. In 50k Magegray kills on my main, I've gotten 1 drop of a totem.
  3. pwpwpw2

    Nerf the end game monsters so it's actually possible to out heal them while attacking, and doing damages. If there's 5 monsters attacking you(turtles), make them hit 3-6s, not 10-15 Make HP cap to 150 for everyone. 160 with emp neck. (so we can't get 1 shotted, and we get more time to react to heal up/attack back) Make the special bandages from dreamland shop a 8-10 seconds cooldown full heal item. (make it the main healing source) Make a list of EVERY ''fights'' that are actually impossible to win with the current soulsplit, and tweak them. That is how the soul split nerf should of been made. Not simply nerfing soulsplit and expecting everything to still work. Switching from a soulsplit healing based server into a food/item healing based server isnt made quick like this lmao. Feel like the update got rushed way too much. Those are my thaught. But the switch from soulsplit to food/item based healing is a +1 for me. it will make the whole pvm system funnier instead of just sitting there stand still, and automaticly healing out of soulsplit.
  4. pwpwpw2

    What's the current issue? I like the new soul split system. It's something I've seen in different servers out there. It usually make the players using food because the soul split prayer isn't enought for the player to survive on its own. The current problem, is that there are a whole lot of monsters/situations where we get 1 shotted, and there is absolutely no way we can react and survive to that.What's your suggested way of fixing it? What I thaught of to fix this problem are 2 options... 1. Nerfing all the monsters/situations that makes us die in 1 hit, without any way to react to it. Because right now, soul split can heal between the hits, but 10hp heal isnt enought to even react and use food or whatever to survive. 2. Higher the basic HP a normal player would have to 150, with emp set 160. If this gets done, making the Special Bandages from dream land shop easier to get. So players could get it earlier in the game. Personally I prefer this option then nerfing EVERY single monsters ingame. Also the special bandages could be healing to full hp every 10 seconds, instead of every 25 seconds, since basicly nobody even botter getting it since it's sorta useless as it is right now.How will this benefit player/server? This would most likely fix the currect problem that nerfing SoulSplit made. It would also make food/bandages a thing in the game, so players would actually use them, instead of being 100% soulsplit server.How could this be expanded in future? At some point make all the the skills available to go till lvl 150 ingame. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I can't point out any negative effect this could bring. If any negative sides come to your mind, point them out in a reply please. PS. The fact that some situations are simply 1 shotting us is a problem I feel like we always had in DreamScape since I ever started.
  5. pwpwpw2

    On PC : Knight online (MMORPG more pk based then runescape) Video i've made : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ajd8Kq5HO84&t=40s Borderlands 2 On Xbox : Forza horizon 4 Dark souls 2 Dark souls 3 Code Vein
  6. pwpwpw2

    New type of event (DP 2.0) What is the content called : DP (Disguise Party) How does it work? When one of the staff calls a DP, it stands for disguise party. It is an outfit competition, where players got to be the most creative he can be to impress host. The players gotta work on their colormatch skills and make an outfit that looks the best/exclusive and original. The event could be in several rounds, everyone get in lines, and when the host likes an outfit, he makes the player go 1 feet forward, when he judged the whole line, he start back from the beginning, lets everyone that stepped up edit their outfits if they want to, and he goes again the same way he did the first time, until there are only 1 winner that is designed as the best outfit maker. What rewards does it give? The rewards are up to the host. It could be cosmetic items since it's an outfit contest. How will it benefit server/players? Have a new type of event that would be original to DS and make the events less repetitive. How could it be expanded in the future? Maybe brackets could be added, so its easier to select 1 winner. What negative effect could this have? About none ? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ New range armor I feel like the difference between mage and range is too big once you get to the dream armor. Mages have an armor that gives dr/ddr and also a decent magic dmg bonus(dream mage), but they also have the space virtus armor set, the obsidian virtus armor set and the skotizo armor set witch are DPS armors. Why won't the range get armors that are dps based, without getting any dr/ddr like the mage has. That would make the balance between mage and range much closer at this tier of the game. Because mage got the adventage by far at that point, exept if range can manage to get dream range tier 3, bfg upgraded and make them +10, witch is like 20 times more pricey then just going mage. Throw your opinion on those Regards, Frank
  7. pwpwpw2

    I absolutely approve for this. I've camped for skotizo keys till I get 10, and it took me nearly 300-400 kills I guess. Witch is long in my opinion simple to access a boss, witch the drop rate is low I guess. The odds have to be insane to get any loots from it. +1
  8. Indeed, pots can always be tweeked. But making a cap(limit) to how much bonus they each could give could somehow prevent them from being op. Anyway, i guess admins/owners are up for any suggestions regarding dream pots. What about making a minimum and a maximum on how the dream pots could boost. Dream str pots : minimum 500 Maximum 2000 Dream range pots : minimum 500 maximum 2000 Dream mage pots : minimum 10% maximum 50-80%
  9. pwpwpw2

    I support this idea. However, creating more room might not be the way to go in my opinion. What about doubling the ammount of ''top'' players that get rewards from the raid, and also making the players that deal 0 damage(if executive/plat 1 shot it) also get rewards. Reason why making more room isn't a good idea to me, is because players that 1 shot raids, they sometime jump from 1 raid to another while the timer for respawn is going on. And if several instance would be made for raids, they would start camping a boss, and kill all 3 raids on their own, and make it insane farm for a precise item.
  10. pwpwpw2

    That is my max hit so far. Under ::boost using the executive (25% raid damage boost) with 0 ELO
  11. World Boss Revamp What's the current issue? I don't feel like the World boss/Mega world boss are worth doing. There is no items really that are worth getting from those World Boxes. And this is why I feel like a revamp regarding world boss/mega world boss would be required. When the Santa event were going on, players were participating for the events. Now players dont even bother going to a world boss, since executive simply use their teleport to get it it, and they could kill it even before anybody get to the boss. Witch is kinda broken to me.What's your suggested way of fixing it? What I suggest is giving the world bosses the same HP then the Santa has during christmas events. Or having an automatic HP adjustment, depending on how many players enter the mega world boss zone, the boss could get more hp. 3-5M HP per players in the area. And give the boss a much higher basic HP, so executive can't just solo it before anybody gets there. The world box system looks like a pretty good to me. Simply removing some trash rewards from it, and adding much more rewards in it. Super donator ticket as a ultimate rewards, witch is the best reward from a world box seems quite garbage for a ''world boss system''. I would add much better rewards at a low rates. At some point, add end-game gear to the world box. An alternate reward system could be 3 keys to the top 10 players, and 1 key to everyone else who attacked it. So everyone would be rewarded for attending the world boss. How will this benefit player/server? This would make an event that is surely underplayed to become active, and attractive to be played, with rewards that are worth chasing for.How could this be expanded in future? More bosses added, maybe make the mega world bosses have a system like enraged hades, make the mega world boss a challenging event, with even greater rewards then the World Boss. Because the world boss system is really unique. What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) I don't think it would even affect the eco. If the rates of the end-game rewards are low enought, I don't feel like it would lower/higher the prices of the items concerned. Also, maybe making the world boxes/keys tradeable, just like box rewards. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dream Potions Revamp What's the current issue? The dream potions effect have been the same for as long as I remember, however, the gear cap have became much higher, at some point, I feel like some of the dream potions are absolutely useless, Such as the Dream Magic Potion, witch only gives 10% magic damage. Lets be honnest, 10% would probably not change much no matter what sort of gear you have ..What's your suggested way of fixing it? Instead of having a stable number for each potion (10% mage dmg, 500 range dmg, 500 melee dmg, 6% drop rate, 6% double drop rate, 5% luck), make it have a variable damage boost (10% mage dmg, 10% range dmg, 10% melee dmg, 10% drop rate, 10% double drop rate, 5% luck). Exemple : player has ... 6000 str bonus , 6000 rng bonus, 600% mage dmg, 100% drop rate, 50% double drop rate, 40% luck bonus. players now have ... 6600 str bonus (600=10%), 6600 rng bonus (600=10%), 660% mage dmg (60%=10%), 110% drop rate (10%=10%), 55% double drop rate (5%=10%), 42% luck bonus (2%=5%)How will this benefit player/server? Using this sort of boost, dream potions would boost everyone regarding of their current stats equally. Someone who has more boost, will tend to be using more Dream potions because they are useful for him. Just as much as weaker players will use them, for a small boost.How could this be expanded in future? Release more type of Dream Potions ? Maybe a Tribrid Dream Potion could become a thing ? Also maybe a Point boosted potion could become a thing ? 2x all sort of points while under the effect of the potions. Make the time of the potion lower (max 1h)What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Make end-game players EXTREMELY overpowered if they are under the effect of dream potions. To counter that, maybe adding a cap to how much boost the dream potion can give would be the best. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ On this note, let me know what you think about it. Feel free to do constructive reply, i'm open to any point of view. Regards, Frank
  12. pwpwpw2

    After several reconsideration of the first suggestion, i just removed it. It seems like no one wants new players to start easier, so i'd rather simply remove it instead of getting several negative feedback about it, since it ain't the first time I try to suggest ideas to improve the new-players-friendly for the server. Indeed, there is enought ways to gear up while being new. However, I feel like a proper guide should be made with different way to pick to gear themself. The other 2 suggestions still goes on tho. Give opinions !
  13. Those are a few suggestions that came to my mind while playing... 1. Gear Dispenser/Supplier How does it work? What it consist of : The players that are above the Sponsor ranks could give gear to this npc, there would a list of items that staffs/players could decide that could be given (Preferably items that are lower then 1-2-3m, whatever's decided). The new players joining could be getting a limit of 3 items from the dispenser, that would become untradeable once they aquire them. Alternate ''buying'' system : Make every new players get 3 dispenser points, witch they can spend at the dispenser shop. Certain items worth 1 point(trix armor), certain 2(yix amulet), certain 3(soulflare x). What rewards does it give? low point game such as penguin staff x, ring of wealth I, trix armor, blizzard armor/shield, Necro amulets, sfx, oblivion scythe, frostbite staff, donator ticket... How will it benefit server/players? New players could have sort of a starter gear update by doing this. I'll be honnest, the current starter gear they get is pretty much outdated/trash. On top of that, players that have sponsor/executive/platinum rank could get rid of their 5645 sets of armor/weapons they get from their rank zone by helping new players. At some How could it be expanded in the future? At some point, in the future, there could be a point system for selling the items that could have a shop with cosmetic items in it. In the future, if those starter items are becoming useless, simply change them for other items that become more fit to the starter point. Eco-wise What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) Eco-wise, I dont think this would change anything to the price of the items since they would become untradeable once they get bought by the new players, maybe the strongest items price would drop. Such as the SFX, since it would be in the gear dispenser, and easily obtained at the beginning. If this would impact the price of the items;be too overpower for starter items, what I suggest would be making all the stats of the items you can buy from that store half of what they are normally. This way, it would still worth buying these items, and farm for those. I know you guys dont like giving free gear just like that to anybody, and want to keep it as much as possible to grinding. But I'd ask to see this suggestion as a way to make a new starter gear provider. Instead of having the same starter gear for everybody joining the server, it gives a bit more the choice for new players to decide whatever they want as starter gear. The items in the gear dispenser could be changed if you guys think that it's too powerful for a new player. And I also thaught about this sort of thing to make the server new players-friendly. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Regarding the new japenese boss you guys added. It's fun to see new armors/weapons comming in, but there are many things that are wrong with those... - Hunter's armor (witch is said to be a mid-tier armor/boss according to your update note) is absolutely trash. The stats of the armor are the worse of the worse, no one buying them. they are almost worse then the current beginner armor ... There is no way this can be considered a mid-tier armor, stats would need to be edited so it's actually worth grinding for. - The fact that 1 hit items can be used at this zone sorta broke the market price of devious armor parts. It made everyone with 1 hit items go farm them for hours and made the price crash for all devious parts. - The fact that price of devious went down, the price of selling devious parts to the scavenger shop should also be going doing. because getting ownercape is sorta easy right now by buying all devious parts and sell them for 40 scavenger points to the shop, to buy the cape for 5k points. - Hanzou's axe not being auto-loot make them completely pointless to be honnest. I suggest when using an ava accumulator, the hanzou's axes should be going back in your hand automaticly like the arrows does when using a bow. This would already make the hanzou's axe much greater. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. Donator point shop is pretty much in need of a revamp. I don't see the point of buying anything in that that is worth the ammount of donator point we'd be using. American boxing gloves for 100 donator points, when you can get it from the ::train shop; elite pernix/virtus/torva witch are pretty much garbage and much more to be honnest. Here's a list of what I think should stay in the donator point shop : King Donator PartyHat, Weed chain, Aqua spirit shield, Samurai set, Donator ticket, Super donator ticket, Extreme donator ticket, all boxes, King of Rasta donator cape. The rest no one really want those I believe. And most of those items should get a reduced price I'd say. Those are the 3 suggestions I had in mind. If you got constructive feedback/suggestions, go ahead and say them. Regards, Frank
  14. pwpwpw2

    Your the second person that says that. And indeed, I've thaught about it after talking with the first person, and I can understand that point of view. all the low-tier farm would become useless. So how about this alternate way to make the new players quickly catch up. Beginner gear could be : Flame pernix set dreamwing boots vanguard gloves amulet of fury (or) ascension crossbow set white glass wings with this, they would be able to start straight at ::train and be able to kill the monsters fairly quick. and upgrade to american gear.

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