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  1. krythix

    Love your vids man
  2. krythix

    Wonderful video m8, glad to see new creators
  3. krythix

    Welcome to the forums man Glad to have you along!
  4. Wonderful vid man, "I"m actually triggered." lul ?
  5. I understand the staff has a lot on their plate right now and the server has been really busy, but 3+ days of being offline seems like just no one is even trying to fix the vote system. This is a huge thing that helps draw in new players through leader boards on these voting sites as well as offering daily rewards to keep people coming back. Would love to hear an update from staff member on where this is coming along and why it's been delayed so long. Feels like a pretty important thing to have working.
  6. Thank you for doing this giveaway, I've entered :) IGN: Krythix