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  1. (DP) Andy

    Hi Hc coins! Nice hobbies you've have. im not big fan of basketball but its very interesting sport! I like to watch basketball games live. Not from tv at stadium. -Andy (DP)
  2. (DP) Andy

    Nice Hobbies you have Cam! And yeah It doesnt make a man to gay person if he have dancing or theatre as hobby. Everyone is same person even they have girl hobbies. But yeah Nice to see you have many hobbies! -Andy (DP)
  3. (DP) Andy

    Yep it is
  4. (DP) Andy

    Hey kai, thanks for telling about yourself! Nice to meet you! Pm me ingame or come to dicezone if u want talk! -(DP) Andy
  5. (DP) Andy

    Yeah i hope too @Cue. See you ingame soon!
  6. (DP) Andy

    Thanks very much @izuchi ! see you ingame too!
  7. (DP) Andy

    Pretty fantastic to hear to people have do something as a hobby or sport. Lets keep this going! #DSGANG
  8. (DP) Andy

    Hi! I want to ask guys where are you from? Europe, Asia or somewhere in Usa? I start first, Im from Finland what locates in Europe.
  9. (DP) Andy

    Hi all! I just want to know what do you guys hobby. I start first, I hobby Football as a Goalkeeper.
  10. (DP) Andy

    Yes i agree with you too Broh! Can't wait and see the future of Dscape! #DSGANG
  11. (DP) Andy

    @splitrunner Has been banned for Unactive gamer
  12. (DP) Andy

    I rate you at 8/10 😎
  13. (DP) Andy

    Ill Ask you one question, if iam right do you live in football country and if u do What YOU think about football⚽ as a sport?
  14. (DP) Andy

    This is going to be Huge update! Lets HYPE for this big eastern event and eastern updates!
  15. (DP) Andy