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  1. Almost got it!! HYPE is going start soon! LETS GOOO
  2. (DP) Andy

    Hi Hc coins! Nice hobbies you've have. im not big fan of basketball but its very interesting sport! I like to watch basketball games live. Not from tv at stadium. -Andy (DP)
  3. (DP) Andy

    Nice Hobbies you have Cam! And yeah It doesnt make a man to gay person if he have dancing or theatre as hobby. Everyone is same person even they have girl hobbies. But yeah Nice to see you have many hobbies! -Andy (DP)
  4. (DP) Andy

    Hey kai, thanks for telling about yourself! Nice to meet you! Pm me ingame or come to dicezone if u want talk! -(DP) Andy
  5. (DP) Andy

    Yeah i hope too @Cue. See you ingame soon!
  6. (DP) Andy

    Thanks very much @izuchi ! see you ingame too!
  7. (DP) Andy

    Pretty fantastic to hear to people have do something as a hobby or sport. Lets keep this going! #DSGANG
  8. (DP) Andy

    Hi! I want to ask guys where are you from? Europe, Asia or somewhere in Usa? I start first, Im from Finland what locates in Europe.
  9. (DP) Andy

    Hi all! I just want to know what do you guys hobby. I start first, I hobby Football as a Goalkeeper.
  10. (DP) Andy

    Yes i agree with you too Broh! Can't wait and see the future of Dscape! #DSGANG
  11. (DP) Andy

    Ill Ask you one question, if iam right do you live in football country and if u do What YOU think about football⚽ as a sport?
  12. (DP) Andy

    This is going to be Huge update! Lets HYPE for this big eastern event and eastern updates!
  13. (DP) Andy

    Hi Cam! I can feel you and I think same. I support you and i feel you so good. its not easy when the racisim is not right. People must THINK what they say before its too late. STAY STRONG MY Man Its not easy! Peace! ❤️ I hope you get it what im trying to say. As u are Helper u can try ur best to calm people and we all try support all way.
  14. (DP) Andy

    Sure ill add you

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