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  1. I have same idea that need new custom items in store
  2. Thanks guys eith that support i really need that
  3. I thing my account goal is to every drop from all bosses. Somehos stop gamble all bank cause i dont wanna all the time be cleaned. And i thing find some buddys witch with i could grind all the time
  4. Atleast now im be able to kill that dragon
  5. Jason i aleays be here for dsgang i love this server su much. If now i cant play it but still ill be here in forums or in discord following the news and updates
  6. Dang why i didnt become earlier platinum member
  7. Paulinso


    Thanks for all awesome events witch you hosting. I thing in near future that events become bigger and bigger
  8. Username: paulinso157Rank In-game: Platinum PartnerProof (screenshot):https://gyazo.com/66343f6d52f056b4c0baff1c130491c0
  9. https://imgur.com/FzRt0CF https://imgur.com/ICd9qxD
  10. Hey chuck you can make event like who wanna be a millionare? Witch you asking people question about dreamscape. And Any question have prize like first question reward 1q second question 2q and like that. And if you answer wrong you lost all your won money

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