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  1. Paulinso

    ing: paulinso157 rank in game; sponsor proof: https://gyazo.com/73cddd2a05f5413c54d32effb9b85855
  2. Extreme Donator can join? If yes so im in Ing paulinso
  3. Paulinso

    https://imgur.com/FzRt0CF https://imgur.com/ICd9qxD
  4. Hey chuck you can make event like who wanna be a millionare? Witch you asking people question about dreamscape. And Any question have prize like first question reward 1q second question 2q and like that. And if you answer wrong you lost all your won money

  5. Paulinso

    Ing:Paulinso Rank in game: extreme donator Proof:
  6. Paulinso

  7. Paulinso

    ing: Paulinso Gmt +2
  8. Paulinso

    Gl all
  9. its best event i thing ing paulinso
  10. Paulinso

    ing Paulinso
  11. Paulinso

    ing paulinso
  12. Paulinso

    ing: Paulinso GMT: +2

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