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  1. Coolname

    Ture, I guess is should do more I try to be as active as I can but sometimes life gets in the way, not trying to sound like a D*ck or anything just mom is needy atm due to recent events sometimes im not even here to see some of it. but yeah if I see it from now on, ill be sure to try to stop it or let someone know. thanks for the criticism mate
  2. Hey guys! have a great day -Rainbowtrout!


  3. Coolname

    Yeah but you also have to take in to account that they paid real money / a large amount of in game money to get it in the first place
  4. Username: Rainbowtrout Total In-Game Time: as of right now : 13 days 7 hours 40 minutes Proof: Timezone: Pacific standard time (UTC -8) Payouts (Screenshots): - 3q cash / 2 collectors necklaces - Inga set / blue death cape / infernal gloves and kiteshield / 1q Cash / soulflare and soulflare (u) - Blackjack Table / rasta claws - 10Q cash - 4.1Q cash / Yix amulet - Oblivion Scythe / Chaos Elemental Jr / Yix amulet / 4.1Q cash - 6Q cash - 10Q cash - 8Q cash - 1.4Q cash - Blackjack Table / Full slayer helmet - Soulflare (u) / 2.7Q cash Bank (Screenshots): My bank isn't too much, but heres screenshots: Why should you be chosen to be a Trusted Host: I think I should be chosen as a trusted host because I am extremely active in the dicezone I am friendly with everyone, staff included I am a trustworthy person that will never go behind anyones back, I really enjoy watching the big flower poker pots, dice duels, etc, so you would be gaining a member that loves their job, and im on a lot, I can range anywhere from 2 - 12 hour days and if you need someone to cover a shift or however you guys do it I will gladly do it with a smile on my face. If someone was to report that they were scammed and had no video proof how would you handle the situation: If someone was scammed and had no video proof, I would see if any staff are on and if not tell them that without video proof I can really not do much but I would make sure staff would get names so they could pursue it further if required/ if they wanted to. In addition, I would direct them to some sort of software that can screenshot/record your screen and tell them to record it next time, and tell them it cannot be refunded without proof of the crime (scam) I am also a Captain rank in the Dice cc (10q rank)
  5. Coolname

    I like the idea of the achievements for constructing things, but in my opinion the XP for combining them is pointless considering everyone uses lamps for the most part anyways, maybe if they had a skilling revamp where they made all the skills worth it I could see it passing, or if they made it profitable, because at the end of the day everyone wants money to upgrade gear, gamble, etc. +1 though good idea
  6. Coolname

    I like the idea of a reduced drop rate, but at the end of the day they did pay for the scroll so personally, I don't agree with it because then it would just demotivate people who potentially want to buy it to not buy it. I like the idea, but I think it should have the same drop rate as the normal revs, if not a little buffed considering they did pay for it.
  7. Coolname

    IGN: Rainbowtrout Rank: Extreme Donator Proof:
  8. Coolname

    Thank you for the support! im glad you like my idea!
  9. Coolname

    I mean he does have a point, the devious set, oblivion stuff, and all those items are really good, and in my opinion have deserve to be grinded for considering the price, but thanks for the support!
  10. Coolname

    Yeah that makes sense, I agree with that 100% they drop really good items that deserve the grind you're 100% right.
  11. Coolname

    Hey DSGANG, its me Rainbowtrout again, its 4:57 and I got a cool idea... sorta. Basically, monsters have drops and they have rare drop tables, slayer is a VERY well done and up to date skill, but hear me out... Bonus drop rate for monsters you kill on task, yeah theres those who do a lot of slayer and who have really good gear, but for those new guys, perhaps a 5-10% drop buff on top of what you currently have for monsters ON TASK ONLY, just an idea love you guys - Rainbowtrout #DSGANG
  12. Coolname

    Welcome back hope you enjoy your stay
  13. AMAZING UPDATE! looking forward to future updates. they keep getting better and better! keep it up
  14. Coolname

    its touchy tbh cause people could just farm points and theres no real way of telling if its farmed kills or legit kills and they would have to rework what items are allowed in pvp zones and what aren't otherwise you could just formulate a 'max set' with custom items primal etc, and abuse the portal at the rev cave entrance, or abuse the home(+) tabs that where added and it would make pvp more demotivating than it already is. not to mention that it would tank the prices of the items in the pvp shop, they are already crashing as is.
  15. Hi guys! Have a great day today if you need help do not hesitate to ask, IGN: Rainbowtrout