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  1. Hey guys! have a great day -Rainbowtrout!


  2. Thank you for the support! im glad you like my idea!
  3. I mean he does have a point, the devious set, oblivion stuff, and all those items are really good, and in my opinion have deserve to be grinded for considering the price, but thanks for the support!
  4. Yeah that makes sense, I agree with that 100% they drop really good items that deserve the grind you're 100% right.
  5. Hey DSGANG, its me Rainbowtrout again, its 4:57 and I got a cool idea... sorta. Basically, monsters have drops and they have rare drop tables, slayer is a VERY well done and up to date skill, but hear me out... Bonus drop rate for monsters you kill on task, yeah theres those who do a lot of slayer and who have really good gear, but for those new guys, perhaps a 5-10% drop buff on top of what you currently have for monsters ON TASK ONLY, just an idea love you guys - Rainbowtrout #DSGANG
  6. Welcome back hope you enjoy your stay
  7. AMAZING UPDATE! looking forward to future updates. they keep getting better and better! keep it up
  8. its touchy tbh cause people could just farm points and theres no real way of telling if its farmed kills or legit kills and they would have to rework what items are allowed in pvp zones and what aren't otherwise you could just formulate a 'max set' with custom items primal etc, and abuse the portal at the rev cave entrance, or abuse the home(+) tabs that where added and it would make pvp more demotivating than it already is. not to mention that it would tank the prices of the items in the pvp shop, they are already crashing as is.
  9. Hi guys! Have a great day today if you need help do not hesitate to ask, IGN: Rainbowtrout

  10. I think I get it.... but im not sure, are you implying that a new player could choose a set like a ranged set mage set or melee set and have it be untradeable instead of the starter kit? if so, its not a terrible idea, but I think the starter set you get already is more than enough
  11. Great suggestion! I believe the achievement store could use a revamp aswell considering the only semi relevant item on their is the Invictus box which takes a long time to get. but the other items are outdated, I barely see even new players use wolverine torva although maybe make it more on the pricier side so that new content isn't ruined on day 1 of release. +1 from me though, thanks for bringing this to light
  12. I like this idea but it would also make prices of the shadow torva and the other various drops from the other bosses drop maybe make it easier to come by, but harder to upgrade to even the field in a sense. I like this idea though.
  13. I like the idea of a melee Revamp cause as someone else mentioned, ranged has the bfg9000 and other weapons that have an AOE damage thing, aswell as magic with the EKS and the Frostbite staff, I think they should make their version of the eks and bfg but for melee or just add it to things as you mentioned, scythe of vitur, olafs scythe, electronic katana. that would be awesome because as I see it the game is mainly ranged and magic.
  14. Looks amazing you guys are doing great keep up the amazing work! ?
  15. Good morning boys and girls! Hope you all have a great day at work/ online! PM me Ingame if you need any help! IGN: Rainbowtrout :)

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