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  1. Hexit


    Welcome! hope you enjoy your stay
  2. Hexit

    Welcome! hope you enjoy your stay.
  3. Hexit

    i would love to be able to note like every item
  4. Hexit

    Happy Birthday!
  5. Hexit

    Thanks guys lol
  6. Awesome guide! I notice that some new items that came out that could be added to this which are: Space Boxing Gloves Longclaw Dream Katana
  7. Hexit

    i finally got a row i lol.
  8. Hexit

    i really like the sea dragon one. Super cool!
  9. Hexit

    Super detailed and so helpful! Thank you so much i will be using this in the future.
  10. Hexit

    thank you so much for this! Helped me a ton.
  11. Hexit

    Welcome Back! glad to have more people in dreamscape.
  12. Hexit

    Eagles lol
  13. Hexit

    wow nice! I have not received a single row from 250 nests.
  14. Hexit

    Hello everyone! I was just curious how many people have ever received ring of wealth a from a birds nest or an avery ring from an Eagle nest?

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