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    benefits/how they work the billy hatcher pet would give 10% boost on hunting and 5% boost on magic also the benefits of the pets would make you more money the dora pet could help you with finding where you are without having to tell someone if have a friend the map pet is the same like dora but instead its a teleport pet the skunk pet will help attack with you and poison monsters and bosses also boost your attack 5% and range 5% the cheese pet would allow you to get rune crafting up faster by 3% boss rewards the billy hatcher boss would give out a armor set of the hatcher suit the dora boss would give out her backpack and dora's outfit the cheese boss would drop cheese and the pet the skunk boss would drop the pet and poison also gas masks tradable? the dora pet will be tradable the armor set from the billy hatcher custom boss would be tradable the map pet would not be tradable and the cheese pet would be tradable what is the content called cheese boss cheese boss pet billy hatcher boss billy hatcher boss pet dora the explorer dora pet skunk pet skunk boss how could this help in the future? it could help by making the server more money and helping by paying for the server also new customs to make the server more custom negatives might make the eco more expensive with selling the pet the pets might not be over powered
  2. I have some ideas for some new pets one is billy hatcher. how you will get the pet its by buying it for $100 dollars or obtaining it from a pet mystery box as a rare open with there also will be an armor set for him as well you could get by fighting a custom billy hatcher boss next pet idea is cheese from foster's home for imaginary friends which you could by for 150 dollars and get from fighting a custom cheese boss battle next pet is a skunk pet this one is only obtained by fighting the custom skunk boss as a rare drop which that pet can help you fight bosses and monsters last pet is dora the explorer you can get her from the custom dora boss or bought for $200 dollars at the store she can tell you where you are by talking to her you can also get the map as a pet as well that pet can only be bought for $250 dollars at the store
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    thats the thing I did just not with that