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  1. rozay2424

    When trying to vote moparscape does not register my vote.
  2. rozay2424

    Thanks for the replies everyone! When I started someone was kind enough to give me flame pernix and scoped ar (U). I also bought white glass wings and fury or. I also have soulsplit and 99 range. Is this good enough to start doing arcade? What item is the most profitable to buy with arcade points?
  3. rozay2424

    So every money making guide I've seen is for beginners and ends once they recommend that the player get a royal sickle. I've gotten some decent gear and about 8000b worth of cash. I've been doing slayer but mini boss souls are scarce and you can only make so much from steroid penguins. I have no idea how the custom bosses/monsters work in this game so idk what the next step is for me to start making more money. I plan to save up for a soulflare so I can start training magic. Any help would be appreciated
  4. rozay2424

    Thank you for all the replies everyone! @decipLe is the only way to get a dexp ring from a mbox or can you buy one?
  5. rozay2424

    Don't know if this is the right section but I was wondering what the fastest way to train magic is for a hardcore player? I'm new to this game and everyone says not to worry about magic until I have enough for a soulflare. I want to get my magic to at least 80 so I can equip my wolverine torva helm though. Thanks in advance for any help.

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