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    IGN: SeventySix Timezone: EST
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    My name is SeventyFIfth / SeventySix Ingame, I wanted to Introduce myself, some of yall already know me but, ive been on the server for quite awhile and more to come. I am Currently Serving The United States Army, My Primary MOS is 88M and my Secondary MOS is 88H I am Cross-trained on the two Mos's. I've been deployed once to Afghanistan with the 82nd. My Weapon i am Assigned to use is a M240B Machine Gun / M249 Saw, The M240B shoot roughly 200 round per min and The Saw can shoot upwards to 700 Rounds per min. These two weapons are a tank. The feeling of the Round Flowing Outward and the recoil going through your body and Shaking your Body. On my off time i have i play Dreamscape, skateboard, bmx, hiking , Cliff Jumping and swimming. Every day is another adventure and i enjoy every second of it.