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  1. chubyhorse2 5/22/19 @11:26pm pst i would like numbers 12 & 19
  2. chubyhorse2 5/19/19 @11:28pm pst 13 & 16
  3. chubyhorse2 5/19/19 @3:30am pst numbers 1&8
  4. ign: Chubyhorse2 Discord: chrisbarragan
  5. chubyhorse2 5/15/19 9:05am @Cue I would like numbers 11 & 30
  6. chubyhorse2 5/12/19 12:36am pst @Alpha01 come on man lets get your second drop. numbers 42 and 50 @Cue
  7. chubyhorse2 05/11/19 1:28 am pst
  8. chubyhorse2 may 2nd @6:13am only a single drop this time
  9. chubyhorse2 May 2nd 4:37am pst I cant believe i had 2 double drops so close together
  10. chubyhorse2 May 2nd 4:25am PST
  11. Discord: chrisbarragan ING: Chubyhorse2 I hope I am not to late
  12. chubyhorse2

    I would like to have POS's checked. it seems once you teleport away from market when you try to go back and put something in you pos it wont let you unless you log out and log back in. It also seems to do that when you have been on for a while. i myself have Authenticator which makes this process even more annoying. i know it is not game changing but it would help out those who like to sell things in pos ease the process.