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  1. peripheral

    I responded form the end-game view, but i do think that early-mid tier needs to be thought of just as much as opposed to just limiting how op the end game players could be. With this though they need to find a happy medium which i think will be achieved through polls and trial and error to see what the best fit is for the server moving forward. I think another solution to this would be to balance the power of certain bosses such as enraged hades so that it correlates with the new and upcoming ss changes, i'm going to assume that the difficulty of the arcade without end-game gear will also be taken into account when considering how to balance the ss mechanics.
  2. peripheral

    Vouch on some points. I think that you should be allowed more than 3 healing items as many players with customs paid for their items to have healing, and i think 3-5hp per item is fair if you were allowed more than 3 items.
  3. Great update, looking forward to all of it!
  4. peripheral

    Welcome back Suomi, you going straight back to gambling like the old days?
  5. peripheral

    Welcome back, a lot has changed since then. Most of your questions can be answered by checking out the wiki
  6. peripheral

    Welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay (again)
  7. peripheral

    Welcome back Willy, I remember you from when I first started
  8. peripheral

    Best of luck my man, make sure to share those methods only with me
  9. peripheral

    I play a lot of madden and 2k on XB1
  10. peripheral

    Vouch, Either have the bow be a mage wep or incorporate a new mage wep that goes with the skotizo set.
  11. peripheral

    Vouch that they should be put back into the sponsor zone. Also, there are like 5 in the extreme zone if you don't want to kill the non-donator ones.
  12. peripheral

    It would have to be a tie between the lava torva and musketeer set for me
  13. peripheral

    Congrats to all of the winners, and thank you all for the vote ❤️
  14. peripheral

    Started in June of 2018, played until November 2018 when i saved up enough to buy an Ownercape dono for only 160q, then took a break until may of 2019 and been here since then.
  15. peripheral

    //Accepted, Welcome to the team

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