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  1. peripheral

    Sad to see you go my man, I'm glad we got to have all the great convos that we did during our time here. There will never be another Wiki Manager like you! ❤️ Peripheral
  2. peripheral

    Username: Peripheral Rank In-game: Executive Proof (screenshot):
  3. peripheral

    Great update! Looking forward to that Rolex helping me with some xebo's!
  4. Great update, going to be a tough choice betweeen good and evil!
  5. peripheral

    While I do vouch for this suggestion, please use the correct suggestion guidelines.
  6. Hello there. :)

    1. peripheral


      What's up my man

    2. Snelle


      All good, been quite abscent, we needa catch up again :x

  7. peripheral

    For revampsWhat's the current issue? Currently you are unable to use any commands at Abyssal Sire as well as there is no kill count.What's your suggested way of fixing it? Give the area where Sire is located the same restrictions as raids in terms of commands, this will allow for all commands to be used except for ::bank. Also, add a kill counter to Sire so players are able to see how many kills they have on the boss.How will this benefit player/server? This will allow for players to be able to use commands such as ::yell along with being able to teleport away using a command rather than always going home through the teleport tab. The kill counter will allow for players to see exactly how many kills they have as seen on almost every other monster in the game.How could this be expanded in future? Due to it being a simple QoL addition, there is no need for it to be expanded in the future.What negative effect could this have? (Think eco, Item balances, Overpowered) This wouldn't have a negative effective on the server in any way.
  8. peripheral

    I think this is a great idea that will allow for players to get back into raids since it's been dying down as of recent. Also, it will allow for them to grind towards items in the point store alongside the grind for the ultra rare drops. It's a Vouch from me!
  9. 1. New Raids 2. New bosses 3. New beginner content 4. New beginner gear and weapons  5. Revamping old content 6. Donator Content 7. New minigames 8. New Skills 9. Quests 10. New end game gear and weapons
  10. peripheral

    Like the new goodies and arcade mode!
  11. peripheral

    2. I don't really see a point in this thread due to there already being an open count to 10,000.
  12. peripheral

    Sounds good, looking forward to comparing your loot to mine on them. I didn't do so good on drops in 54k at 96% dr and 91% ddr. 😞
  13. peripheral

    Nice loot man, a drop every 1-2k kc. What monster are you thinking of camping next?
  14. peripheral

    I'm for the retexture, it would only make sense to match it with the space gloves for combining all 3 of the attack styles.
  15. peripheral

    Congrats to the winners!