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  1. peripheral

    //Accepted, Welcome to the team!
  2. peripheral

    I personally real like this idea, and think it should be left to all cosmetic items along with cosmetic items that might have some stats so possibly consider a threshold of items with stats under like +100.
  3. peripheral

    Can't wait for the new boss!
  4. peripheral

    hmm what do we have here
  5. peripheral

    It's on the wiki, just under dream set. https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Dream_Set
  6. peripheral

    I added the new gear, let me know if i missed anything https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Gear
  7. Some Crazy Deals Here!
  8. peripheral

    Hell mode section has been added to arcade page. https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Arcade
  9. peripheral

    Raids section has been added
  10. peripheral

    Not sure how it slipped past me that it was never added to the arcade page. It'll be added either tonight or tomorrow. https://dreamscape317.fandom.com/wiki/Arcade
  11. peripheral

    Hey Inkay, I do like this suggestion, but please post it under the suggestion category with the correct format.
  12. peripheral

    Thank you for the event Jason, and congratulations to all of the winners!
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