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  1. peripheral

    Like the new goodies and arcade mode!
  2. peripheral

    2. I don't really see a point in this thread due to there already being an open count to 10,000.
  3. peripheral

    Sounds good, looking forward to comparing your loot to mine on them. I didn't do so good on drops in 54k at 96% dr and 91% ddr. 😞
  4. peripheral

    Nice loot man, a drop every 1-2k kc. What monster are you thinking of camping next?
  5. peripheral

    I'm for the retexture, it would only make sense to match it with the space gloves for combining all 3 of the attack styles.
  6. peripheral

    Congrats to the winners!
  7. peripheral

    Are you suggesting of a way to upgrade them into space, or just a retexture of them?
  8. Thank you for the constant updates drax and dev team!
  9. peripheral

    5/27/19 @ 9:41am CST Number 18 please
  10. peripheral

    Thank you for another event Cue, goodluck on drops everyone
  11. Very interested in this event! Ign & Discord: Peripheral Thank you for all of the events lately Cue and looking forward for more to come!
  12. peripheral

    Going off of @Englishlog's point that you can disable all of the messages, i don't see a use for this due to rare and ultra rare already having global announcements so you will see them, and in the ::mydrops interface you can select the monster and see which drops and how many of them you have received.
  13. Great update, really a fan of the new coin system! +1 to the dev team
  14. peripheral 5/19/19 11:21am cst Number 18