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  1. peripheral

    Nice loot and great amount of dynamics, easy profit!
  2. Great QoL update, happy that xebo's and event boxes are stackable now
  3. In-game Username: Peripheral Forum Username: Peripheral Discord Username: Peripheral#5348 How old are you? 21 What is your current time zone? CST Have you ever been blocked from the wiki, or received any other infraction relating to DreamScape? No Have you had any administrator or higher leadership experience with a wiki or other website (Forums, for example)? If so, provide what you did. N/A Write a brief introduction about yourself, both in-game and in real life. Hello, I'm currently in my senior year of college where I am double majoring in computer science and government while playing Football. I am developing an Android application for my computer science senior project that should be launching in December/January. I enjoy playing video games and Dreamscape when I have time for it in my schedule. When considering what your desired position entails, what is your biggest strength? My biggest strength for this position is that I am very knowledgable about our Wiki and in-game. I also pride myself on being very precise with the wiki pages so that they are all uniform with one another while trying to get the new update added to the Wiki as quick as possible. Your Biggest weakness? I would say that my biggest weakness is that I can be distracted easily along with not having all my deadlines written down but rather trying to just remember them. I have started working on this by using a planner for all my courses and also planning out my time outside of classes so I know when I should be working on certain tasks so that I can just sit down and get them down rather than procrastinating/being distracted.
  4. peripheral

    This is my overall loot from opening 1k Crystal Key (+) 100m Scavenger XP 36 Box of Wisdom 1082k DSCoin 48 Space Invader Jr 30 Crash Bandicoot Jr 30 Pacman Jr 260 Lamps 725 Mystery Box 21 Assault Rifle 22 Ice Katana 24 Royal Sicle 28 Royal Sicle (u) 23 Dream Wing Boots 31 Elemental Boots 38 American Torva Helm 31 American Torva Platebody 27 American Torva Platelegs 33 American Virtus Mask 28 American Virtus Top 33 American Virtus Legs 30 American Pernix Cowl 29 American Pernix Body 26 American Pernix Chaps 29 Dragonbone Full Helm (u) 27 Dragonbone Platebody (u) 26 Dragonbone Platelegs (u) 25 Flame Pernix Cowl 50 Flame Pernix Body 36 Flame Pernix Chaps 37 Flame Torva Helm 33 Flame Torva Body 28 Flame Torva Legs
  5. peripheral

    Surprise me with 4 numbers Edit: added 3rd drop to this post Edit2: added last entry
  6. peripheral

    Nice loot Roids! Plat zone paying off haha
  7. Great update, happy that ::switchkc is finally implemented
  8. peripheral

    Number 1 Please
  9. peripheral

    Vouch , the executive zone truly needs a revamp
  10. peripheral

    Number 18 please
  11. peripheral

    #29 please
  12. peripheral

    Number 7 please EDIT 1:Number 17 please
  13. peripheral

    Congratulations to all of the winners, and thank you to everyone that voted!
  14. Great Job on the Update. Looking forward to the Mega Rare Drop Table and updating the wiki!
  15. peripheral

    Thank you for the event Bodhi! Looking forward to next weeks!