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  1. peripheral

    I support this idea, currently the only time I ever see anyone doing bg is if someone is giving a prize to the winner. I think the mini game itself is great and appeals to all players since you don't need any gear, but is rarely played. The shop rework would be beneficial because I think it could help out new players by allowing them to save up points to buy boxes and gear and work their way up in the game.
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    Username: Peripheral Rank needed: Sponsor Proof:
  4. peripheral

    Happy Birthday man, hopefully you get that $400 dono today!
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    Username: Peripheral Rank In-game: Extreme donator Proof (screenshot) :
  9. peripheral

    Could you also add the Necro jr to the list. 5% dr and healing per hit
  10. peripheral

    Great event that includes all players!
  11. peripheral

    +1 from me
  12. peripheral

    So happy that this has turned into a reoccurring event. ign: Peripheral