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    Now, I don't know if this is a feature, cannot find it.. Nor can I find if anyone has suggested it, but I think it could be very useful for people to see the history of their market activity, so they can use this to sell or buy around the same price of what they have done before, may create less havoc and let people keep track on their purchases in game with their cash stacks; a small addition, but may make a whole lot of difference!
  3. BakedXTHC

    Turned out it was the OSRS graphics that did it, for some reason it won't display with that setting checked
  4. BakedXTHC

    Basically similar to barrows, but with Barrows, you kill all the brothers then you get one chest, maybe making it so you have something similar to that mini boss in runescape, but instead of kill all the brothers for terrible loot, you kill a boss then get loot from that boss kill, and so on, till you take out all the bosses and complete, then you can gamble your final loot for another go, or you could just leave and hope RNG was on your side, so none of this dragon stuff or worthless items, but instead something that will help you out in the game, possibly something not as powerfui but on par with the SFU or something like that with the worth between 500T-1.5Q (Owners capes wouldn't be allowed into it, as it would be made far too easy)
  5. BakedXTHC

    Was just thinking to myself on how to word this, But would it be possible to do a drop from bosses/crystal key loot or something along them lines where there is an entry invitation to a loot root sort of like the Barrows brothers in Runescape; but each boss killed allows you to go into a room, to loot one or two chests, with a wave of each boss and their minions each one getting harder and harder. But the loot becoming more rewarding, upon completion of the whole thing you get a bonus reward, or to go again (Only able to go through twice till you get another invite to go again)
  6. BakedXTHC

    When I go to ::market I cannot search for anything by Item name, I am greeted by an empty bos in the search region, just wondering if it is only me and if there is anyway to get around this?
  7. BakedXTHC

    Who would be the best person to bring this up with?
  8. BakedXTHC

    So, being colour blind, I have trouble seeing some of the text on backgrounds or reading the text due to colours behind or infront. Was wondering if you'd be able to implement a way to change chat colours in a way to benefit even those that cannot see colours when they are overlapping another.